WWE News: Everywhere The Rock Goes, $100 Million Follows

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2013

From SEScoops.com
From SEScoops.com

The box office should no longer be referred to as such; it should be renamed The Rock's office.  Some wrestling fans may have trouble admitting it because of residual ill-will since The Rock "went Hollywood."  Some Hollywood types may have trouble admitting it because The Rock is a pro wrestling guy.  But Dwayne Johnson is the current king Hollywood. 

Bringing franchises back from the dead?  Check.  Selling out arenas?  Check.  Never has there been so much bang for a buck since the last time the McRib was around. 

The Rock helped breathe life into yet another franchise as Fast and Furious 6 will claim a surprisingly easy Memorial Day weekend victory.  The movie was faced with stout competition in Epic and Hangover III.  But after raking in $98.2 million, it will have more than doubled the output of Epic while coming close to doing the same to The Hangover when all is said and done. 

Coincidentally, the WWE's preliminary WrestleMania 29 figures were released this past week.  To the surprise of no one, the pay-per-view cleared one million buys. 

For all the complaining any online reader had to contend with during the build up to Cena-Rock II, apologies should be in order.  Not only did most of said complainers fork over their hard-earned allowance when the push came to shove, but this will be the third consecutive WrestleMania to go over one million buys (all of which have featured The Rock).  

Sure, it's not the overly-optimistic number the WWE had hoped for, but so much for a low, "downright shocking" buyrate.  Given the increase in WWE's pay-per-view price tag, "29" is on pace to be the highest-grossing WWE pay-per-view of all time.  

One can hardly blame the WWE for maybe getting a bit too excited about The Rock's effect on a buyrate.  His love affair with anybody who has access to a financial asset is getting straight up supernatural.  He has already been featured in four films, five months into 2013, in addition to headlining three WWE pay-per-views.  Still, America seems to be impervious to Rock fatigue. 

Should this trend continue, WWE will be licking its chops at the box office possibility of a Rock-Brock tilt at the milestone WrestleMania XXX pay-per-view. 

Unfortunately, the mouth-watering main event may not be a sure thing.  After suffering a severe abdomen injury during his WrestleMania 29 main event with John Cena, Rock has intimated that the WWE Universe may have seen the last of him inside a wrestling ring. 

WWE had better cross its fingers that The Rock has a change of heart between now and March.  With no end in sight to his Midas touch, The Undertaker likely working his final WrestleMania and the always-rumored will-he-or-won't-he Steve Austin return, WrestleMania XXX could be the biggest pro wrestling pay-per-view ever. 


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