Rest in Peace Hector Garza: Remembering a Great Wrestler

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2013

The wrestling community has lost another brother. Hector Garza passed away on Sunday, just shy of reaching the age of 44.

Garza announced in October of last year that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and on May 26, 2013, he succumbed to the disease.

Hector Garza was a very talented wrestler who made a name for himself all over the world as one of the best luchadores in the business.

Wrestling as a luchador without a mask set Garza apart from the rest, especially during his WCW run.

Hector Segura began wrestling in Mexico in 1992 under the name Hector Garza. He skillfully used the high-flying style that became synonymous with Mexican wrestling all around the world.

He wrestled for Mexico's two top promotions, AAA and CMLL, winning several titles in both organizations. But it was his Lucha de Apuesta hair vs. hair matches against Satanico that gained him national attention.

During a short working agreement between AAA and the then-WWF in 1997, Garza appeared at the Royal Rumble in a six-man tag match alongside Perro Aguayo, El Canek, Jerry Estrada, Heavy Metal, and Fuerza Guerrera.

Garza did not make another appearance in the WWF, but he must have caught someone's eye, as he soon started to appear in WCW.

Unfortunately, Garza got lost among the huge number of cruiserweights that WCW brought in during that time, and his only big victory came against Scott Hall.

For a short time, Garza joined up with the Latino World Order, an parody of the New World Order, but even then he was left in the background.

In 1999, Garza returned to Mexico and became a fixture in AAA, where he would end up losing his first hair vs. hair match in 2003 against Latin Lover.

For the first time since 1999, Garza returned to the United States to wrestle for TNA during America's X-Cup, where he was victorious alongside teammates Abismo Negro, Juventud Guerrera, Mr. Águila and Heavy Metal.

Garza would later go on to win a 20-man X-Division gauntlet at Victory Road in 2004. This would lead to a match with NWA champion Jeff Jarrett.

Garza also became a mainstay in Mexico's other big promotion, CMLL, where he would hold numerous titles, most of which revolved around tag and six-man championships.

While there, he teamed with Mistico, who is now Sin Cara in WWE, to win two CMLL World Tag Team Championships in 2008.

Despite having been a major player in the wrestling world for close to two decades, Garza did not hold a world title until 2011.

After a tour of New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he wrestled Jushin Liger in what some might call a dream match, he faced CMLL champion Último Guerrero.

Despite going through chemotherapy, Hector Garza continued to wrestle up until a few months before his passing.

Technically, Garza held two titles at the time of his death. He was the PDML (Perros del Mal Producciones) Mexican National Heavyweight champion. This title has gone from promotion to promotion and has existed in some form or another since 1933. He was also the WWA (World Wrestling Association) tag team champion with Perro Aguayo Jr.

Garza may not have the name recognition in the U.S. of Rey Mysterio, but he was a dedicated and talented wrestler who will be missed by all who saw him perform.

I remember watching him in WCW and thinking there was something that set him apart from the rest. Something about him stood out to me. Perhaps it was recognizing him from the WWF matches he had, but, whatever it was, I have fond memories of Hector Garza.

Descanse en paz, Hector Segura. Rest in peace, Hector Segura. You will be missed.