A Case for Cardiff

Jamie MasonCorrespondent IApril 6, 2008

There's been a lot of talk recently about whether Cardiff should be allowed to represent England in the UEFA Cup and I think it is only right that they should be allowed.

I am sure the FA are willing Portsmouth to win this years cup final then all arguments as to whether or not Cardiff are entitled to have a place in the UEFA Cup will be over but after a season of upsets what will the outcome be should Cardiff take the trophy back to Wales in May.

There's a couple of arguments that I have heard which have actually made me laugh. Firstly the fact they are not a Premier League club. So what, they have won a competition and rightly deserve their place in Europe, and then there is the case about Cardiff ... being in Wales. 

What's that go to do with it?

There are two teams that have represented a different country in recent years. 

The lesser known FC Vaduz of Liechtenstein have represented Switzerland in the Champions League, not for long granted but they are not a Swiss team, and then there is Monaco. 

Monaco is a separate country and yet they are allowed to represent France in European competitions so in my eyes the argument is over. 

If these teams are allowed to represent Switzerland and France then it is only right that Cardiff should be allowed to represent England in next years UEFA Cup.

The latest reports are that UEFA will back Cardiff and if I was Peter Ridsdale and the FA go against Cardiff I would take it as far as possible but I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, only one thing is certain, the bigwigs at the FA will all be wearing their Pompey shirts underneath their suits.