Will The Real A-Rod Please Stand Up?

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Will The Real A-Rod Please Stand Up?
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Will the real A-Rod please stand up? No not that one, you can sit down. With today’s headlines buzzing around a new book soon to be released revealing; shock, more news from the A-Rod character assassination front, I’d like to take a moment and point something out. Selena Roberts, the Sports Illustrated writer and the most recent sports writer who can’t seem to find anything else to write about save for A-Rod’s minute-by-minute drama, is facing a flop. This book won’t sell more than Fresh Fish at a Dollar store. According to Selena, the book doesn’t cover any of his sexual exploits, but covers just about everything else up to and including what public bathrooms he takes a dump in. She’d have better luck if she reported his sex life. According to the Daily News, the book covers how he’s a bad tipper…shock. How he’s divorced…who cares? And…of course that A-Rod injected roids in High school and may have cheated…shock and, who cares! I don’t know about anyone else, but I just don’t care anymore about who, or who is not doing steroids. Colin Cowherd on ESPN called it Steroid Fatigue claiming that fans are just tired of hearing about steroids. I think he sums it up for me perfectly.


            So A-Rod is reckless with his personal life. He’s not a very nice person supposedly. He may be doing steroids. And he gets paid a lot of money to play baseball for which he plays very well I might add. You may not like him, I may not like him, but he’s like that car accident. You slam on your breaks because you want to see the carnage! And A-Rod brings “carnage” on and off the field. But what is more important to me as a baseball fan, some jackass’ personal life, or the fact that he’s one of the best five-tool players of all time? No matter what, it’s hard to argue this guy isn’t going to surpass the career home run numbers of Barry Bonds. Or that he’s not a first ballot hall-of-famer. Just look at his numbers! If you’re a fan of baseball, be a fan of baseball. If you’re a fan of MTV’s the “Real World” than watch the “Real World”. What Selena Roberts is about to release is garbage, like just about everything aired on MTV. I just went and saw my favorite Hip Hop group last night. Awesome show! Do I care if “The Pharcyde” or “Tribe Called Quest” smoked weed before they came on stage? No I don’t. I didn’t go to the show or listen to them for public service announcements and it goes the same for A-Rod. As long as he’s hitting home runs, snagging ground balls and making great throws I’m going to enjoy his performance. Would I let my kid hang out with him? No.


            But here is something else. If A-Rod is reckless like a rush hour car accident on the Vanwick, than this may be his best chance yet to start over. With this trash, I mean book, about to be released he faces more media scrutiny. If he can gather his thoughts and speak to the media in a mature manner he may escape further scrutiny. That’s the A-Rod I don’t want standing up! I want the one that keeps his mouth shut and plays great ball i.e. Derek Jeter. The other A-Rod, the one that plays a great game of baseball, could be the one that saves the other A-Rod. With the Yankees needing his bat to help keep the team from dipping below .500 again and his sooner than expected return, A-Rod could take this opportunity to divert the attention from this “waste of paper”, “steroid fatigue” and the “A-Rod on A-Rod” reality T.V. show that he’s getting caught up in. If Barry Bonds did this, his story too might be different. Are you listening A-Rod? Will the real A-Rod please stand up? Make this book a dollar store pick right next to the fresh fish cooler! It’s up to you A-Rod.


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