FIFA 14's New Features Improve Gameplay for Users

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2013

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FIFA 14 was unveiled in April, and the new features will make the gaming experience better for everyone.

Video games make slight changes every year, but FIFA 14 will have features that will make it easier for anyone to play. Even if a gamer isn't a soccer fan, he or she can still have an enjoyable experience with some of these features.

Per, there will be several new or enhanced features in this year's version:

  • Teammate intelligence
  • Protect the ball
  • Pure shot
  • Dribbling
  • Momentum

Such features will go into making offense more realistic and will help create more scoring opportunities.

The best enhanced feature will be the teammate intelligence. Users have had issues with the computer not being in the right spot, which can be frustrating. Whether it's being offside or not attacking with the player, that part of the game has been improved.

Defense will be much better due to this feature. There's no more busted coverage because the teammate intelligence has the computer playing in the right spots, so both ends of the field will be much improved.

The build-up feature will help the computer make better decisions as well. This feature has the players go based on what's been going on in the game, so it's more realistic.

Dribbling and protecting the ball will make it easier to maintain possession. Waiting for a teammate to cut can take some time, so protecting the ball will enable the player to buy those few seconds without losing possession.

Improved features may not always be noticeable, but FIFA has done a good job of legitimately improving the game.

What else could it improve? Maybe next year's version will include female teams. Some fans would probably enjoy playing as Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach or Hope Solo. 

Feel free to list any improvements or additions you'd like to see.