Luka Modric Would Revamp Career If Transferred to Chelsea

Benjamin Klein@BenjaminJKleinContributor IIIMay 26, 2013

Is Luka Modric headed to Chelsea this summer?
Is Luka Modric headed to Chelsea this summer?Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Luka Modric has not had the best time since joining Real Madrid, and a transfer to Chelsea this summer could potentially turn his career back around.

Chelsea is interested in the midfielder and will bid £30 million in order to try to land him, according to Rob Beasley of The Sun:

A Chelsea insider confirmed: “[Jose] Mourinho’s very keen to clinch a deal for Modric. He knows it will be tough but if anyone can make it happen, we believe Jose can.”

In 34 games for Real Madrid, Modric scored just four times—three coming in La Liga play and the other in the UEFA Champions League. This came after Real Madrid signed Modric to a five-year contract after acquiring him via transfer from Tottenham Hotspur.

Modric tied Alex Song from Barcelona as the worst signing of the season in La Liga by readers of the Spanish newspaper Marca at 32.2 percent of the vote, according to Matt Fortune of the Daily Mail.

Modric, however, told (via the Daily Mail) that he didn’t think his play was that poor:

This is Real Madrid, I know the huge media pressure on transfer, ... I’m not looking for an alibi, I’m not that guy, but it’s very demanding to adjust to a huge club like Real Madrid. I have had a number of solid performances, I failed in some but overall I proved I can offer something.

Modric may have taken the field for his last La Liga match, though, as he could be transferred again this summer.

Chelsea has been unsuccessful in trying to acquire Modric in the past, having bids of £22 and £27 million rejected by Tottenham. But the third time might be the charm after a poor start with Real Madrid.

As B/R World Football Lead Writer Michael Cummings recently wrote, this could be a huge summer for Chelsea as Mourinho has his eyes set on a variety of talented players, Modric being one of them.

One of the points that Cummings makes is how Modric already has had experience in the English Premier League. The four years he spent with Tottenham were good ones, and coming back to the EPL may be what’s best for his future.

B/R’s Sam Tighe doesn’t think that there is a better fit for Modric “on financial and suitability terms” than Chelsea.

That being said, if Real Madrid is ready to give up on Modric after one year, it seems likely that Chelsea will be the club he plays for next—especially since the Blues are willing to pay so much in order to have him on their roster.

Modric made a mistake leaving the EPL, writes B/R’s Sam Pilger, and it could be a decision that bites him for the next couple of years. But all could be forgotten with a fresh start with a new team, Chelsea.

Going back to the EPL would redefine what Modric failed to accomplish over the last year with Real Madrid and get his career back on track.