Ryback's Growth as a Heel and the Questions Which Must Be Answered on Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 27, 2013


Remind Ryback to thank John Cena this week on his Twitter account for making him an even bigger heel after Extreme Rules. 

By taking the week off from television coverage last week, Cena helped his latest rival establish himself as the newest “super heel” in the company. His words, his actions and of course his use of the ambulance last week was brilliant.

Having an ambulance as a prop and manhandling midcard wrestlers, placing them in the vehicle and then driving off, was a stroke of brilliance by the WWE creative team.

Cena staying away from the camera did a few things for both performers. First, it gave Ryback the spotlight, something he desperately needed. It allowed him to speak more, put together a true promo, made him a hated man with the WWE Universe and cemented the “Ambulance Match” at “WWE Payback” as a must see event.

By staying away from television, Cena also added credence to the idea he was “injured” from the fall he took at at Extreme Rules. Nothing makes a fan wonder more than not seeing their favorite wrestler on the tube.

Cena should come back this week and “address” the challenge by Ryback. Of course, the current WWE champion will accept the match in Chicago. What happens leading up to the match and what happens to the WWE title is anyone’s guess.

The Ryback/Cena issue is not the only one which must be addressed Monday night on Raw. Here are some questions that must be answered.

  • Will we see more of the transformation of Daniel Bryan? I love the Anakin Skywalker-like transformation of Bryan’s character. Beside the growth and development of The Shield’s storyline, Bryan’s possible ascension toward heal turn could be the best storyline of the summer months. It could also bring out the beast in Kane once more.
  • What is next for Curtis Axel? I have a feeling something will come of his appearance on television with Chris Jericho on Monday night. This is a much better idea than having a great veteran like Jericho chase Fandango around arenas and tease us with dance moves. All we want do is see him wrestle. Axel/Jericho would make more sense and could be very entertaining.
  • Will we see Dolph Ziggler on screen? Not sure, but Big “E” Langston is getting a steady push. I am not a fan of his work. He is stiff and needs a swift kick in the ass to get him moving. But the longer Ziggler stays out of action, the greater the attention is given to Langston. It also moves him closer to a match with his current stablemate. The WWE will have to decide what to do if Ziggler's injury continues.
  • What will The Shield do next? Who knows. But now that two of the company’s titles are in the stable is the best thing going in the WWE. It should be interesting to see who will challenge them for supremacy. I still think a tag team of Chris Jericho and The Miz could make things interesting in the tag team division.
  • How many times can we see Randy Orton and Sheamus face The Shield or Big Show? Not saying this will happen yet, but I am saying I am tired of seeing it happen week after week. Now that Kofi Kingston has been thrown into the mix, the wrestling programs are becoming more boring each week.