This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 24, 2013

This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

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    Social media nearly got in the way of one woman's enjoyment of the Miami Heat's playoff win. Come to think of it, there were a great many annoying things that went down that nearly derailed a perfectly enjoyable week. 

    Welcome to another edition of me telling you the stuff that stinks in this here sports world. I will be your host, the guy with the high horse. 

    Here we break down all the moments, memes and people that may have caused a sudden urge to ram one's head directly through the nearest wall. 

    Of course, this is far more fun if you get in on the action and nominate your own "Worst" aspects of the last sports week. 

    Let's dive right into this steaming pile of awful. 

Alex Rodriguez Makes More Money

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    Is there a more beloved athlete in all of sport than Alex Rodriguez?

    OK, that was a stupid question, because of course there is: roughly all of them. With that, I can imagine the frustration many will feel when I tell you the man still nursing a surgically repaired hip is making millions off the field. 

    TMZ reported Rodriguez just flipped his Miami Beach mansion for a $15 million profit. The rich, it seems, continue to get richer. 

Keep Your Pants on

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    Sigh, it seems soccer celebrations have reached their logical but unfortunate nadir. 

    As Big Lead reports, Muangthong United's Mario Gjurovski scored during a Thai Premier League fixture an proceeded to act like it was his first rodeo. 

    He rips off his shorts and places them on his head. Yeah, that didn't exactly work out for him, because he was sent off with straight red. 

OMG, Check This Woman out

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    From the land of taking an Instagram pic of your burger and checking Facebook during a movie comes this woman who is far more interested in LOLing to something on her phone rather than watch a stirring conclusion to a tight game. 

    Bleacher Report's Dan Carson does a great job of breaking down the moment and subsequent Twitter fallout when people spotted the one Heat fan who felt cat pics on her iPhone were far more precious than the moment at hand. 

    The NBA has a YouTube video that shows the final play of regulation when Paul George drops a remarkable three from distance to send the game to overtime. 

    Buried in the sea of captivated fans is one woman who couldn't be bothered. Eh, that's why we have YouTube replays, I guess.  

Tony Allen's Acting Chops

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    We just have to resign ourselves to the fact playing in the NBA now mandates solid handles, an ability to score, dedication to defense and mad acting skills. 

    Tony Allen did everything he could to get the Grizzlies some extra shots at the end of regulation in Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs. It just so happens that meant acting like his head was about to explode following a hard foul from Manu Ginobili. 

    As the replay shows, his head never hit the court, but that didn't negate the refs from buying everything Allen was selling. 

Phil Jackson Gets Chatty

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    Phil Jackson has never shied from offering his opinion, something that continues to this day. 

    Let me offer in full disclosure that I am a huge Jackson fan, but even this purple and gold geek could use a day without the latest statement from the Zen Master. 

    Just this week the former legendary coach released a new book, revealed he laughed at the Lakers decision to go with Mike D'Antonidefended Derrick Rose and claimed he would take Bill Russell over Jordan if given the chance.  

    Even excerpts from his new book caused waves. One portion revealed a comparison of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and another divulged a dream of spanking Bryant and smacking Shaquille O'Neal. 

    OK, now I'm exhausted. 

Cubs Fan Gets Beer Bath

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    Travis Wood goes deep and puts the Cubs up 2-0 in a game they would ultimately lose to the Mets, 4-3. It was a rare moment when every fan in the stands should have been celebrating and toasting one another for the dramatic home run. 

    Instead, this wife decides to take retribution on her husband who accidentally spilled his beer while trying to save her from a hard-hit baseball. 

    She dumps her beer on his head and now has Internet fame as a fan who firmly believes in an eye for an eye, or in this case, a beer for a beer. 

Astros Vendor Really Had to Go

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    I hope you will humor me in widening the meaning of "annoying" to include this Houston Astros snow cone vendor who thought nothing of going No. 2 just feet away from otherwise refreshing treats. 

    KPRC Houston has a full report and video of a vendor who took a bathroom break that cost him his job and destroyed our confidence in ballpark food forever.  


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