Montreal Canadiens to Compete for Stanley Cup

----- -----------Correspondent IApril 6, 2008

It's ours; no one else’s.

They said we would finish last. They said playoffs wouldn't happen, not this season. We were locked to end the season with disappointment with our tail between our legs.

Ottawa finished seveth, after being predicted to top the east and post a NHL-best record. The Montreal Canadiens finish No. 1 after being predicted to finish last.

The departure of Sheldon Souray last season were said to be devastating as he was a “huge” part of our offence.

Eighty-two games, 30 teams, 16 in our conference and five in our division, and third in points in the league.

First in the conference.

First in the division. No. 1 in most goals scored. Second best away record with an 8-1-1 in our last ten games. 16 points against Boston this season (8-0 season sweep).

1989. Last time we did it. Last time we took the conference by storm and stood atop after a mess of a season. We are there again boys.

 And how sweet to see the leafs  teeing  up. Not a slap shot. But their four wood.

Go Habs Go.
Go Habs, best in the division, Go.
Go Habs, best in the conference, Go.
Go Habs, to number 25, Go.