5 Free Agents the Chicago Bulls Must Avoid

Andres MonteroContributor IMay 25, 2013

5 Free Agents the Chicago Bulls Must Avoid

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    Free agency will start in just over a month and the Chicago Bulls have some needs they must address. However, they also have to make sure they avoid any players that may not be great fits for them.

    With most of this season's bench players on one-year deals, the Bulls will have to fill their bench once again with free agents.

    Jermaine O'Neal is a potential target for the Bulls' backup center spot, but his age and injury history should raise some flags.

    With the Bulls' lack of cap room, they'll have to offer up a couple of minimum contracts to add some extra bodies to the second unit. That being said, they still have to make sure that player will contribute and fit Tom Thibodeau's system.

    So which free agents should Chicago avoid?

Kyle Korver

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    When Kyle Korver was in Chicago, he gave the Bulls a legitimate three-point shooter (over 40 percent from downtown in two years). If he was open, he was going to knock it down.

    The problem with him was his mediocre defense. Also, if his three-point shot wasn't falling, he became a liability on both ends of the floor.

    That's why the Bulls should avoid Korver.

    He's very limited offensively, only being able to shoot the three and come off curls. Whenever he plays a quick defender, he becomes even more limited.

    His defense did improve with the Bulls, though. According to basketball-reference.com, his defensive rating went from 104 to 101 during his two seasons with Chicago.

    The Bulls need a shooter, but Korver's soft defense and one-dimensional offense should make them look elsewhere.

Keith Bogans

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    Most Bulls fans remember how frustrating it was watching Keith Bogans play the 2-guard two seasons ago.

    Bogans is a solid defender, which would be his main role on any team that chooses to sign him. Being the defensive-minded team the Bulls are, Bogans would seem like a nice option to come off the bench.

    However, his lack of an offensive game is a red flag. With the Brooklyn Nets, Bogans shot just 34 percent from downtown.

    The three-point shot is the only thing that makes Bogans a threat. If he can't consistently knock down the long ball, he becomes a liability on the offensive end, allowing defenders to send double-teams off of him.

    Bogans' lackluster offense makes him a free agent to avoid.

Ronnie Brewer

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    Ronnie Brewer gave the Bulls a solid, versatile defender when he was with the team in 2010 and 2011. His limitations were on the offensive side, and that hasn't changed.

    Chicago should avoid Brewer for the same reasons as Bogans. He's a liability offensively and doesn't have the skills the Bulls should be looking for in free agency.

    With Jimmy Butler and Luol Deng as the Bulls' primary perimeter defenders, Chicago should look to add some scorers and shooters to their second unit.

    Brewer's familiarity with the system makes him an attractive option, but the negative aspects of his game outweigh the positive ones.

    There are a number of good shooters on the market, which is the route the Bulls should take during free agency.

Antawn Jamison

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    Antawn Jamison could help Chicago stretch the floor. He's s big that can shoot the three, something the Bulls haven't had in years.

    Jamison's numbers were good with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he doesn't exactly fit the Bulls.

    He's not a great rebounder and that's something Thibodeau looks for in his players. He's an undersized power forward who could end up out of the rotation if he's not active offensively.

    Jamison isn't a great defender, either. According to basketball-reference.com, he's averaged a defensive rating of 109 throughout his career.

    Jamison would add a new dimension the Bulls' offense, but his average defense and low rebounding totals should be reason enough to stay away from him.

Jermaine O'Neal

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    O'Neal found the fountain of youth in Phoenix—like many players before him—and had a pretty solid season, averaging 8.3 points and 5.3 rebounds in 55 games. That was his highest game total since the 2009-10 season.

    O'Neal's constant injury problems should make the Bulls instantly write him off as an option.

    Chicago is already dealing with Joakim Noah's plantar fasciitis, an injury that has bothered the All-Star center for a couple of years now.

    The last thing the Bulls need is another big man that's going to miss games.

    Signing O'Neal would be a gamble. The Bulls are poised to make a championship run during the 2013-14 season and will need solid contributions from every player.

    O'Neal is a risky signing. And it's a risk the Bulls shouldn't take.