World Cup 2014: Stunning Images of Brazil's 12 Stadiums

Will Tidey@willtideySenior Manager, GlobalMay 24, 2013

World Cup 2014: Stunning Images of Brazil's 12 Stadiums

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    World Cup 2014 looms larger with the announcement of each stadium being delivered. This summer's Confederations Cup will put Brazil in the spotlight and it will stay there through the World Cup and the Olympics to follow in 2016.

    Six World Cup stadiums will be in use during the Confederations Cup, most notably the legendary Maracanã in Rio, which has been fully refurbished and will host a second World Cup final next summer.

    Some of the 12 that will be deployed for the World Cup have been built from scratch; others renovated to be brought up to modern specifications.

    Judging by the images you're about to see, the full dozen will provide a spectacular backdrop for the greatest show on earth.

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National Mane Garrincha Stadium, Brasilia

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    Capacity: 76,935

    Status: Ready

    The National Stadium will play host to seven games during the World Cup—four group games, a Round of 16 tie, a quarterfinal and the third-place playoff match.

    Named in honor of Brazilian great Garrincha, the Brasilia venue has a "self-cleaning roof" and collects rainwater that can be used in the running of the stadium (

Estadio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte

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    Capacity: 62,547

    Status: Ready

    Built in 1965, Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte has been upgraded for this summer's Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup.

    The venue will host six matches in 2014—four group games, a Round of 16 tie and a semifinal.

    Inside the arena will be two huge screens at either end, a press area capable of handling 360 journalists, and 58 refreshment stalls.

Pantanal Arena, Cuiaba

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    Capacity: 42,968

    Status: Under construction

    Arena Pantanal will see four group games during the World Cup and has been purpose-built for the tournament, on the site where Estadio Jose Fragelli once stood (FIFA).

    Nicknamed, "The Big Green," the stadium has been designed with the environment very much in mind. Much of the materials used will be recycled.

Baixada Arena, Curitiba

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    Capacity: 40,000

    Status: Redevelopment ongoing

    Arena Baixada, which was originally built in 1914, will host four group games at the 2014 World Cup. The venue is currently under renovation.

Castelão Arena, Fortaleza

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    Capacity: 64,846

    Status: Ready

    The Castelão Arena has been refurbished and is now surrounded by a large promenade for fans.

    A "glass skin" coating the stadium helps reflect the heat of the sun and keep the venue cool (

Amazonia Arena, Manaus

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    Capacity: 42,377

    Status: Under construction

    Arena Amazonia is being purpose-built for World Cup 2014 and will be the farthest north of all the venues in Brazil.

    The stadium will welcome four group matches at the tournament and has been designed very much with the environment in mind—rainwater will be harnessed and plants used to shade areas from the heat of the sun.

Dunas Arena, Natal

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    Capacity: 42,086

    Status: Under construction

    The sweeping stands of the Dunas Arena are designed to mimic the sand dunes in the area.

    The stadium will host four group matches during the World Cup and its capacity dropped after the tournament to serve as a multi-purpose venue for the community. 

Beiro-Rio Stadium, Porto Alegre

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    Capacity: 50,287

    Status: Under renovation

    The Beiro-Rio is home to Brazilian club Internacional and will host five games at World Cup 2014—four group matches and a last-16 clash.

    Once again a theme of sustainability underpins its planning. The venue's roof is of particular note.

    "According to representatives from the club, the cover is self-cleaning, using the minimum amount of water possible, as well as reducing heat absorption," reads the stadium profile at

Pernambuco Arena, Recife

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    Capacity: 43,921

    Status: Ready

    The Pernambuco in Recife is ready for operation and will be used during this summer's Confederations Cup. The venue will host four group matches and a Round of 16 tie at the World Cup next year.

    Purpose-built, the stadium deploys escalators and lifts to access its six levels and has 102 boxes to enjoy the action beneath in.

Maracanã, Rio De Janeiro

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    Capacity: 76,395

    Status: Ready

    One of the sport's most iconic stadiums, the Maracanã will host its second World Cup final when the tournament comes to its finale in 2014.

    It will also host four group games, a Round of 16 tie and a quarterfinal.

    Completely refurbished, the new Maracanã will get its first capacity crowd for the upcoming friendly between Brazil and England.

Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador

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    Capacity: 56,000

    Status: Ready

    Along with the Confederations Cup this summer, Fonte Nova Arena will host four World Cup group matches, a Round of 16 tie and a quarterfinal in Salvador.

    The stadium was purpose-built but designed to pay tribute to the venue that used to stand in the same spot.

Corinthians Arena, Sao Paolo

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    Capacity: 65,807

    Status: Under construction

    Corinthians Arena will host the opening game of the tournament, featuring the host nation, along with three other group matches, a Round of 16 tie and a semifinal.

    The stadium has been built for the tournament but will be used by Corinthians at a reduced capacity after the World Cup.