New York Mets: When Ramon Castro Is Healthy...?

Matthew CohenCorrespondent IApril 6, 2008

There is something that I need to know.  Why the hell is Brady Clark on the team?  No, seriously, why is he taking a roster spot up?

First off, he never plays.

Secondly, he's not that good to begin with.

And lastly, we don't need 7 guys on the team that could play the outfield.

When Ramon Castro comes back from his injury, here's what I suggest:

Brady Clark go back to New Orleans or release him, whatever.   Then activate Castro and have 3 catchers on the roster.  The Mets talk about how much they like Castro's bat, so him being able to pinch-hit will be a boost to an already strong bench.

The Mets can do this because they only need 6 guys that can play the outfield.

When Brady Clark is a viable bench player, then that's not a good thing for your team.  I personally have nothing against the guy, it's just the ability to use Castro more off the bench gives Randolph much needed flexibility.  He can never pinch-hit or run for Schneider because of only 1 catcher as the roster is right now.

The bottomline is that Ramon Castro is more valuable for the Mets than Brady Clark.  You have your 3 regular outfielders, then you have Marlon Anderson who can play the corners, Endy Chavez who can play all three outfield positions, and Damion Easley, who can also play the corners as well.

Now all of this speculation is just until Alou comes back some time in May.  Then when we get there, maybe we'll switch it up.