Ranking the 10 Best MLB Stadium Backdrops

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIMay 24, 2013

Ranking the 10 Best MLB Stadium Backdrops

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    Picturesque views of the bay. An amazing backdrop of the downtown.

    Some fans get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the baseball world each time they go to their local game.

    They get to see the same sights each game that many of us can only dream of. In fact, for some baseball fans, there's a bit of jealousy towards others who get this opportunity.

    Which stadiums am I talking about?

    Here's a look at the 10 best MLB stadium backdrops.

10. Fenway Park

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    There's a little bit of the Boston skyline outside of Fenway Park that helps set the scene.

    However, the one thing that makes Fenway Park what it is, is the Green Monster.

    While part of the field, the Green Monster sets a nice background...especially for right-handed hitters.

    With the old-school feel throughout the park, Boston's home park starts out our list.

9. Camden Yards

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    The dominant view at Camden Yards is that of the old Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Warehouse in right field.

    Once the site of the Camden Station on the B&O Railroad, most of the seats in the stadium also have a good view of the Baltimore skyline.

    Newer buildings are next to older buildings, bringing a little bit of the past into the present.

8. Dodger Stadium

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    Dodger Stadium (or Chavez Ravine) has the beautiful backdrop of the tree-lined hills of Elysian Park and the San Gabriel Mountains.

    While many of today's stadiums are built in the midst of bustling cities, Dodger Stadium's view towards the outfield makes it look as if there's nothing else around.

7. Comerica Park

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    When you think of the American working man, Detroit is one of the cities that comes to mind.

    Nestled in the middle of downtown Detroit, Comerica Park has a very modern feel to it.

    From the Detroit Athletic Club to the fountain beyond center field, Comerica Park gives you the feel of a working man's city.

6. Nationals Park

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    Nestled in a city with so much history, fans get the opportunity to see many historic buildings during day games.

    What makes Nationals Park so unique is the fact that you can see the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol from various points in the park.

    There's no river backdrop here, but it definitely has a historical feel.

5. Wrigley Field

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    The only MLB ballpark still situated in a neighborhood, Wrigley Field has a close-knit feel throughout.

    What makes the backdrop significant is the flat-top apartment buildings across the street.

    Fans who don't get into the park can watch games on those roofs as owners have built bleachers there.

    While there was a legal battle between the Cubs and owners back in the 1990s, things have since cooled down as the Cubs get to share in some of the profits.

4. PNC Park

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    With the Roberto Clemente Bridge over the Allegheny River in the background, PNC Park stands as one of the best views in baseball.

    The fact that PNC Park sits on a river adds to its value on this list.

    With the home dugout along the third-base line, the home team gets a nice view of the city's skyline...one they wouldn't get from the first-base side.

3. Busch Stadium

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    There's just something about have the Arch in the background that makes Busch Stadium one of the best views in baseball.

    Unlike most other ballparks around baseball, the skyscrapers of the city surround the ballpark's background.

    It's a view that every baseball fan should take in.

2. Great American Ballpark

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    As you noticed in No. 4, the theme of the next two slides involve water.

    The Great American Ballpark features a great view of the Ohio River and northern Kentucky. In what other stadium can you see another state?

    Although a part of the stadium, two smokestacks represent the days of steamboats along the river, emitting flames or fireworks based on what is going on.

1. AT&T Park

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    The view of AT&T Park's background is the best in all of baseball.

    San Francisco Bay sits beyond the park as eager boatsmen wait for the possibility of a home run hitting the water.

    Rushing traffic isn't going by, giving you a sense of an escape from everyday life.

    And if a few seagulls happen to land on the field...even better.