What? No May 15th Fight For Kim Couture and Miesha Tate?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IApril 30, 2009

Wowie! Talk about interesting!

Some new sh*t just hit the fan, or fans perhaps would be more accurate.

Apparently I am not the only MMA loving female to ever make a gaffe. Unfortunately, Brian Oswald was not there to help correct Miesha before she released a bombshell blog on her MySpace page.

Miesha excused releasing the news that her proposed fight with Kim Couture was off due to "marital problems that Kim was having," as a mistake.

Kim of course is the 35-year-old second wife of legendary MMA fighter Randy "the Natural" Couture and works alongside him in his gym and other businesses.

Apparently there have been rumors around the gym of some sort of discord which has lead to Kim pulling out of the fight and Strikeforce having to scramble to find a replacement in the 135 pound weight class to face Miesha.

Poor shagrinned Miecha says she had no idea that releasing the news the way she did would result in such an uproar.

I am not at all familiar with Ms. Tate as a fighter, but in a cat fight I would say that she has the "catty" part down to an art form, wouldn't you?