Why David Otunga's Legal Background Needs to Be Used More

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 23, 2013

Photo from Bossip.com
Photo from Bossip.com

With as loathed as lawyers are by some people, it's a surprise WWE isn't tapping into that hatred more often by using David Otunga as an on-screen legal figure.

WWE fans haven’t seen much of Otunga in the ring lately. He has been busy being in and promoting the movie The Call, speaking to middle school kids and other out-of-the-ring duties.

If WWE chooses to bring him back anytime soon, his real-life background in law is a treasure chest of heel heat. Zeb Colter gave WWE an idea for a potential Otunga storyline with the following tweet:

Otunga, as WWE fans have heard him say on TV several times, attended Harvard Law School. Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune wrote, "Otunga did pass the bar exam. And if entertainment doesn't work out, he has that degree from Harvard as a fallback."

No one would fault him if he did as Pang said and "fell back" on his Harvard education, but the real world is already teeming with lawyers. The WWE world, however, could use an attorney character to drum up hatred and stir up the crowd. There is a ready-made villain under that sweater vest, one that WWE should utilize.

From Irwin R. Schyster playing on the crowd's negativity toward the I.R.S. to Vince McMahon reminding fans of their overbearing bosses, WWE has a long history of using archetypes of people from society that the general public distrusts and dislikes.

Making Otunga's legal background into his gimmick as a wrestler would be difficult to prevent from being corny. Think back to Barry Darsow's turn as Repo Man. Instead of heading back that road, WWE can make use of Otunga's smooth-talking ways and real-life background to have the company's resident attorney be a prominent figure in storylines and backstage segments.

Otunga's scenes as Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez's legal advisor are just a preview of the kinds of things WWE can do with him.

Otunga is equally irritating and smug here. Combining those qualities with him creating unfair concessions and loopholes for WWE's heels could make him one of the most hated men on the roster.

Have him work for Superstars trying to get new contracts. Have him finagle management into giving guys title shots and rematches. This way Otunga's presence doesn't take away from someone else, it enhances other guys on the roster.

Even though he hasn't been around in recent months, fans know who he is and so WWE doesn't have to create a character from scratch. WWE has already built the foundation for the kind of exasperation and anger Otunga can stir up. The company just needs to add on to it, to ignite the existing sparks.

WWE needs a variety of villains. It needs its monsters, psychos, narcissists and weasels. A villainous attorney adds depth to that mix.

Reemphasizing Otunga's legal background can better the product as he gets under our collective skin like only a lawyer can.