WWE: CM Punk Rumored to Feud with Brock Lesnar Upon Return

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIMay 23, 2013

The Heyman Guys may explode upon the return of CM Punk to WWE television. It's been reported that WWE writers are developing concepts for a Punk feud with Brock Lesnar when he returns last this summer after a well-deserved hiatus, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc.).

Last time we saw CM Punk was two weeks after WrestleMania. He walked to the ring with Paul Heyman after teasing his address to the fans for a week. He stood in the ring as the crowd chanted his name. He pushed away Heyman and walked out without saying a word. 

Punk had worked more than a year-and-a-half without a break. As the WWE champion, he also was responsible for an increased media schedule, which left him with few days off. Even when he wasn't in the ring, he was doing radio and TV appearances. 

For months, he had been reportedly working through injuries. At WrestleMania, in his classic match against the Undertaker, Punk leapt from the top rope onto the announce table and slammed the side of his thigh into the corner of the table. Instead of collapsing on contact, it resisted, further banging up one of the company's top stars. 

A feud with Brock Lesnar is one that fans have sought for some time. Punk has had Heyman at his side for more than a year, and together they have been golden on the mic and during matches. Now, we want to see how they look as adversaries. The WWE fans want to cheer Punk, and it only makes sense for it to happen against his former best friend and a brutal monster whom he's always respected, but never liked nor feared. 

Much of Punk's title reign was overshadowed by anything John Cena did. His WrestleMania program with Chris Jericho was second to Cena-Rock. His feud with Daniel Bryan delivered stunning matches, but was second to Cena-Laurinaitis. The only time Punk was the featured bout was when he battled Cena himself. WWE didn't allow Punk to face Cena as a good guy. They turned him heel before that could happen for fear of outshining the golden boy. 

Beginning in January, though, Punk hasn't played second fiddle. A main event, mainstream feud with the Rock raised his profile despite the loss. Then a widely loved feud with The Undertaker only added to that momentum. Upon returning, Punk will receive a huge babyface ovation. To then launch into a main event dream feud with Brock Lesnar heading toward SummerSlam would cement in the minds of all casual fans what we've already known: CM Punk is a cornerstone of the WWE.