Why Lionel Messi Will Be Back Stronger Than Ever Next Season

Tre' Atkinson@@TreAtkinsonFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2013

Why Lionel Messi Will Be Back Stronger Than Ever Next Season

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    While scoring 54 goals and giving 14 assists in one season may be a dream for any other player in the world, Lionel Messi is different. His final months of the current campaign have been tough due to injuries and overall team success.

    But there are plenty of reasons to believe that the Argentine will be back and better than ever next season.

    Messi may have had a very strong season personally, but he only really cares about winning trophies with Barcelona. He knows that club did not reach all of their goals this year and will be the first person to answer back.

    Continue reading to find out the top four reasons why Messi will be better than we have ever seen next year.


    Note that all statistics are courtesy of WhoScored.

He Will Be Healthy Again

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    Because of a hamstring injury Lionel Messi has been forced to miss the remainder of the season. But his injury woes began much earlier in the season.

    Back in December the Argentine striker injured his knee against Benfica in Champions League play. Later he picked up the infamous hamstring issue against PSG but made an appearance in the return leg, which reportedly did not re-aggravate the injury, according to The Guardian.

    The rest is history, as they say.

    Messi struggled to regain his comfort due to his ailing hamstring and was subsequently nullified by Bayern Munich before completely missing out on the second meeting.

    This was the first time that Barcelona fans had to truly deal with a serious Messi problem. But it is this same issue that will see the Barcelona star produce his best football ever come next season.

    It is no secret that Lionel Messi takes incredible care of his body. Messi will begin next season fully fit and in the best shape of his career.

    To be honest the injuries actually came a good time for Messi. He will now be able to take off the better part of the summer and find relaxation that he desperately needs.

    With Lionel Messi coming back with a healthy hamstring and time off, Europe better beware.

Messi Continues to Improve

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    Lionel Messi is still improving as a player. If that is not a frightening sentence, then I do not know what is. The four-time Ballon d’Or winner continues to get even better, and no one should expect anything less in the next season.

    While Messi may not be the most well-rounded footballer around, he is quickly changing that.

    This season saw the 25-year-old improve his shooting with his right foot and more importantly his free-kick skills. With Messi constantly adding more dangerous areas to his already deadly repertoire, there is no denying that he will be an even more deadly striker next season.

    Messi refuses to settle. He always sees areas for improvement and seeks to sharpen the rough edges of his game. Messi will surprise next season with newfound strength in unfamiliar places. 

Help Will Finally Arrive

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    Neymar might not be a Barcelona player just yet, but he will likely be by the end of the summer. Sky Sports recently reported a Ser Esports interview with Santos vice-president Odilio Rodrigues, who admitted that Neymar has made it known that he wants to join Barcelona.

    With the imminent arrival of the Brazilian starlet Messi will instantly become a better player because he will finally not be forced to carry the scoring burden all by himself.

    Messi will benefit from Neymar’s presence on the pitch. The duo will create space for each other and command the attention of defenders, which will open up countless chances for the entire attack.

    With defenses not able to focus all of their efforts on Messi, the Argentine will thrive in a way that has never before been seen. To put it simply, Neymar will actually make Messi better.

    Having a lighter load to carry and more space in attack will only contribute to Messi’s best season ever next year. With Neymar by his side, the duo will form one of the deadliest attacking lines football has ever seen.

    In fact, Lionel Messi has already weighed in with his opinion on the Brazilian stating that Neymar would be “a wonderful addition” to Barcelona, according to Goal. It seems like Messi knows what the 21-year-old will bring to the table next season.

There Are Critics to Silence

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    Above all else, Lionel Messi will be better than ever next season because he has to be. The star once thought to be an alien has showed that he is, in fact, human—now is the time for Messi to tear down the walls of athletic understanding yet again.

    Lionel Messi knows just how important he is, not only for Barcelona, but for football in general.

    The Argentine star will work tirelessly to be the absolute best player that he can. Having missed out on several trophies over the past two seasons, Messi will not let anything stop him or his club from achieving dominance yet again.

    Messi will be back and better next season because of who Messi is. He will not stand for disappointment or excuses. Fans, be ready, because next season will feature Messi at a level unbelievable even for him.

    Leo Messi has a drive and determination like no other athlete in the world. We all expect him to shock and awe the world again next year because that is simply what Messi does.


    Will Lionel Messi be better than ever next season? Will injuries actually take a toll on the Barcelona striker? What do you expect from La Pulga next season? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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