CM Punk: 6 Logical Scenarios for His Return to the WWE

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 23, 2013

With WWE Payback less than a month away, the WWE is already in full swing, promoting matches like the Ambulance Match for the WWE title between Ryback and John Cena

Sooner or later, the WWE will doing some other promotional work, getting the WWE Universe ready for the return of CM Punk in his hometown of Chicago. Anyone in their right mind knows that this will be Punk's triumphant return to the company following his loss at WrestleMania 29.

The time is right for the "Second City Saint" to jump full bore into the mainstream of activity that is currently at a standstill in the WWE. While Cena and Ryback seem to have found their chemistry in the match the other night at Extreme Rules, other feuds have stalled and have all but died a painful death.

Thank goodness for The Shield and its new "beginning" as they claimed the World Tag Team titles and the United States title in one night to arguably become the best trio of superstars to ever grace the wrestling ring.

The question pertaining to Punk is simple—what happens to him? Where does he go? Who does he call out? What other pipe bomb does he drop on us? How does he handle Paul Heyman and his new "associate?"

All very good questions with answers to be given by the "Voice of the Voiceless" himself. But in the meantime, here are some logical feuds that Punk could stick his two cents in upon his return.

Hello, Superman: It is conceivable the WWE wants a fresh Punk to battle Cena again for the WWE title, which does make sense. Both are at their best when they face each other, and Punk has a great sense of pushing Cena to the limit and on the mic. When these two are in the ring together, it is poetry. I liken it to ballet at times.

You aren't Perfect: Could Punk come back and have a hemorrhage over the fact Paul Heyman chose another wrestler to join the stable? Curtis Axel was a solid choice because he was a fresh face, had a great pedigree and looks like a great marketing package. Does the move ruffle the feathers of Punk, who plays the disrespect card within his own stable with Heyman.

Punk/Lesnar Finally: I know a lot of you think this looks like a mismatch, but I believe it forms a more solid confrontation than Triple H and Brock Lesnar in the ring. There are a lot of psychological mind games to be played in this feud, especially with Punk and Lesnar sharing the diabolical mind of Paul Heyman.

Haven't we met before? Ryback, if he wins the WWE title, would be another opponent for Punk. The two have met before where Ryback has come up short and could not win or lose cleanly. With the roles possibly being reversed, Punk could set out to reclaim his title and win back the hearts of the WWE fans and the IWC.

Going another road: Could Punk come back and own SmackDown? If he moved to Friday nights and challenged Dolph Ziggler, that would do a few things to help the WWE.

First, the idea of Cena and Punk holding world titles at once will draw more for television and also make Friday night "must-see television." It also creates a great rivalry that exceeds a feud with Jack Swagger or Alberto Del Rio for Ziggler. And of course, there is always the AJ Lee angle.

An old rivalry is still a great rivalry: Daniel Bryan will need a dance partner when his days with Team Hell No are over. The matches between Bryan and Punk in the middle of last year all but brought the house down. There is a unique quality to these two great indie stars who were rivals long before they were in the WWE. To me, they are Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat all over again.

Whatever way the WWE plans to go with Punk, these options would give him a new lease on success and a great way to showcase his talents. And in this case, everyone wins.