Breaking Down 247Sports' Initial Recruiting Rankings for Class of 2015

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIMay 22, 2013

247Sports' No. 1 recruit in the class of 2015 has something in common with President Barack Obama. Both are products of the same high school in Hawaii.

Three quarterbacks received 5-star rankings, and all three are products of pro-style systems from the state of California. One, Josh Rosen, runs a 4.55-second 40-yard dash, according to 247Sports, and already has offers from Michigan, Tennessee and Vanderbilt, among others.

Thanks to the newly released Top247 for 2015, it's time to let the conversation begin.


No. 1 Recruit: Canton Kaumatule

Kaumatule of the Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a strong-side defensive end who's already 6'6.5'', 275 pounds. Only a sophomore, he has the size and length of a dominant end recruit, and he could end up getting bigger. 

He already has a good combination of strength, speed and technique, and if he keeps hitting the weight room and working on his fundamentals, Kaumatule could be a truly elite recruit.

He only has offers from Hawaii, UCLA and Utah, but that will change fast.

Note: Check out this preliminary analysis on the No. 1 recruit. All scouting done via tape study of film provided on his 247Sports profile page.


16 Initial 5-star recruits 

Not surprisingly, the power group of this class is the defensive line. Of the 16 5-star recruits, eight are defensive linemen. Of the rest, there are four offensive linemen, three quarterbacks and a wide receiver.

The quarterbacks are Rosen, Ricky Town and Kevin Dillman. George Campbell, the lone wideout, checks in at 6'3'', 184 pounds.



Bleacher Report's assistant college football editor, Eric Bowman, took the time to tally the number of commitments in the initial top247. He posted his findings on Twitter

Those commitments are:

Shameik Blackshear, 5-star WDE, to South Carolina

Mekhi Brown, 5-star SDE, to Alabama

Kevin Toliver II, 4-star CB, to LSU

Derwin James, 4-star S, to Florida State

Desherrius Flowers, 4-star RB, to Alabama

Deionte Thompson, 4-star S, to Alabama

Chad President, 4-star WR, to Baylor

Donovan Sheffield, 4-star CB, to Vanderbilt

Jordan Davis, 4-star TE, to Florida State

Christian Owens, 4-star WR,to Georgia

Avery Anderson, 4-star ATH, to Arizona State

(Note: Avery Anderson has since been left off the list.)


Of course, Alabama is leading the way, and the SEC has a dominant head start on everyone else. 


Initial Thoughts

It's nice to see three quarterbacks receiving early 5-stars, especially with the lack of star power at the position in the 2014 class. A lot of hype will surround the three quarterback recruits, and their commitments will eventually be big news.

Defensive backs are noticeable by their absence at the top of the class. In fact, the first true defensive back to appear, 4-star safety Kerryon Johnson, is No. 31 overall.

Finally, the defensive line group looks stellar, and Kaumatule, in particular, has superstar potential once he gains more experience—in the weight room, film room and on the field.


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