20 Athletes Who Are Just Too Old

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2013

20 Athletes Who Are Just Too Old

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    Have you ever just watched a sporting event and thought, "Wait. That guy is actually still playing?"

    With as many games as we all watch, we're guessing that this happens quite frequently.

    So while we applaud the job security and continued skill of some of the older veterans in sports, that doesn't mean we don't want them to just stop already.

    Since it's a young man's game, here are 20 athletes who are just too old.

Martin Brodeur, NHL

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    Martin Brodeur will absolutely go down as one of the finest netminders to ever play in the NHL, but at 41 years old, he should have probably hung up the skates a couple years ago.

    After leading the Devils to the Stanley Cup Finals for the fifth time in his career last season—ultimately losing—he had a season you'd probably expect from a guy his age in 2013

Herschel Walker

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    At age 51 and still in the same shape he was at during his NFL playing days, we don't want to be the ones to tell Walker that it might be time to consider another career choice.

    Especially after hearing that he's still interested in stepping back into the ring for another MMA fight.

    Whatever Herschel's doing, we want his secret.

Jaromir Jagr, NHL

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    The Bruins’ Jagr may have had a pretty decent season in 2013, but just because he can still contribute, that doesn’t mean he should necessarily still be out there.

    Most of us remember Jagr from his days playing alongside his former ‘mate Mario Lemieux for the Penguins in the early 90s, which should be an indication of how old he really is—which is 41 years old.

Jason Giambi, MLB

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    Whenever you hear about a guy interviewing for a head coaching position in the offseason—as Jason Giambi did this past one with the Rockies—it's probably a good sign that he's a little bit over the hill.

    As the 42-year-old great "Giambino" continues to grab at-bats for the Indians this year, we can't help but think that he should be sitting in the dugout worrying about how his bullpen looks rather than standing in the on-deck circle.

Hiroshi Hoketsu, Showjumping

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    You may not recognize Hiroshi Hoketsu's name, but if you paid really close attention to the Olympics last year, you would have heard that the 70-year-old horse showjumper was the oldest competitor in the Games.

    Riding a horse is something most people his age can do, but to still do it at a high level like the Olympics is impressive, if not otherwise a little unnecessary.

Grant Hill, NBA

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    Sure, there was a time when Grant Hill was one of the premier players in the game, mixing a superb scoring touch with a strong playmaking ability.

    But to be honest, after all the injuries he endured during the middle of his career, had you told us he'd still be playing ball at age 40, we'd have thought you were crazy.

    He's one of the all-time good guys, but for as long as he's stuck around, Hill looks like the loco one.

Teemu Selanne, NHL

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    Since he began his career a whopping two decades ago, we're not sure why Teemu Selanne continues to come back each season?

    As with most 42-year-old guys, Selanne seems to have developed a bit of a cranky side recently, saying some unkind words about NHL commissioner Gary Bettman during the offseason.

Lesley Thompson-Willie, Rowing

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    Be honest, you haven't heard of the 53-year-old Lesley Thompson-Willie before now, have you?

    If so, pat yourself on the back because as a former rowing medalist from Canada, she's not typically someone you'd think of when putting together a list of must-see athletes.

    A former bronze medalist, she's probably a couple years past her prime.

Ray Whitney, NHL

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    Stand up if you're the type of person who cares much about what a 41-year-old, over-the-hill hockey player thinks about today's NHL.

    Assuming most of you are still in your seats, that's what Ray Whitney gave us earlier this year when giving his personal "State of the Union" speech.

    He may still have some skill left in that stick, but Whitney's been around for over 20 years. Of course players are different these days!

Afanasijs Kuzmins, Shooting

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    Besides to look like a dead ringer for a James Bond poster, what's the point for Latvian shooter Afanasijs Kuzmins to still compete in the Olympics?

    At 65 years old, Kuzmins might be the prototypical hunting partner, but he shouldn't be in the same Games as people who are about five times younger than he is.

Jim Clark

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    Just as the aforementioned Herschel Walker has done, MMA fighter Jim Clark has done a tremendous job at keeping himself in shape to fight with the younger guys.

    Since he is 48 years old now, we don't know what makes him think that he's still "in his prime" to battle someone in the Octagon, but more power to him if he wants to try to pummel his opponent.

Juwan Howard, NBA

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    After Howard earned his only NBA title last season with the Heat, you'd think he would have happily left the league riding the high horse with his new ring.

    Unfortunately, the 40-year-old forward decided to come back and give repeating a shot.

    After signing a couple 10-day contracts—and making a visit in early April to cheer on his Michigan Wolverines for whom he starred as a member of the Fab Five over 20 years ago—Howard can be seen wearing suits and being the highest-paid cheerleader on the Heat's bench these days.

Jose Contreras, MLB

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    Jose Contreras is a 41-year-old athlete who seems to still be trying to hold onto his glory years—as if he really had any to begin with?

    After defecting from Cuba and signing a big deal with the Yankees in 2003, Contreras never became the great pitcher so many had hyped him up to be, often struggling with injuries and consistency.

    Now he is pitching for the Pirates, and it should be noted he’s clearly not still taking the hill for a title this season, so he might as well just call it quits and let a younger guy earn a spot.

Jerry Stackhouse, NBA

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    Jerry Stackhouse used to be a scoring machine, but the key to that statement is the phrase "used to be" because it's obvious he just can't cut it nowadays.

    After he played this past season at the age of 38, we're really hoping he doesn't consider holding on for a couple more seasons to try to win a title.

    Look, when an active player is singing the National Anthem at a game he could potentially participate in, it should be a sign his head's not really where it should be for a playoff game.

Darren Oliver, MLB

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    All we remember about Darren Oliver is that he was in the video game Triple Play 2000—which we played on a computer keyboard in eighth grade.

    If that's not a clear enough sign for the 42-year-old reliever to pack it up and leave the game, we don't know what is—well, besides his age of course.

    It's not like he's been completely terrible, but what does he bring to a ball club besides a higher average on the team's overall age?

Nikolai Khabibulin, NHL

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    The past four seasons haven't exactly been goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin's finest.

    With his combined record of 33-67-0, what more does the 40-year-old have left to prove in his career that makes him continue to play?

    He is making a hefty $3.75 million this season, so that's probably a good reason to play, but not when it's hurting his overall legacy.

Jason Kidd, NBA

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    "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up."

    That's what it seems like Jason Kidd's saying in this picture—especially considering he's 40 years old already.

    There was a time when J-Kidd was a top-flight point guard in the league, but given his age and the way he shot the ball (or didn't) in this year's postseason, it may be time for the one-time NBA champ and former "Rookie of the Year" to just call it quits.

John Williams, MMA

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    We find it pretty damn funny that this 70-year-old MMA fighter, John Williams, is wearing a t-shirt in this video that blatantly reads, "I Need Mo' Money," because to us, this whole fighting stunt has to only be about the green bags.

    Stepping in the ring a couple years ago to become the oldest MMA fighter in history, Williams not only won his match, but proved that just because a guy has a couple gray hairs, that doesn't mean he shouldn't be messed with.

Morgan Shepherd, NASCAR

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    First of all, this might be one of the strangest pictures of a 71-year-old man we've ever seen in our entire lives.

    Not only is Morgan Shepherd old for his sport—which is NASCAR by the way—but then he straps on some old-school rollerskates to try that activity out too?

    What is it about being a normal Grandpa that scares the hell out of Shepherd?

    Personally, we think he should be playing golf and taking care of the grandkids at his age, but we guess we'll applaud him for still trying to race.

Artin Elmayan, Tennis

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    You probably have a pretty good guess at who sits atop the world tennis rankings these days.

    Guys like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal probably come to mind.

    But don't be so quick to overlook Artin Elmayan of Argentina who, last year, became the oldest tennis player to earn a world ranking—at 95 years old!

    It's one thing to still be breathing at his age, but for still moving around and playing tennis—while being ranked no less—there's nothing but respect for this guy.