Tony Allen Is the Best at Flopping, Which Also Makes Him the Absolute Worst

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 22, 2013

Tony Allen's portrayal of a man clobbered by Manu Ginobili was a breathtaking tour de force that had the audience riveted and in as many knots as the Memphis Grizzlies actor seemed to be. 

A tip of the hat to Big Lead for spotting this video from Tuesday night's slugfest between the Grizzlies and Spurs, one San Antonio would ultimately win in overtime, 93-89. 

Not that Memphis star Tony Allen was beyond busting out every last trick in the book to keep the game within reach. 

As you can see here, Allen gets hacked by Ginobili with a little over 26 seconds left in the fourth quarter. In real time, it looked like Allen hit his head on the court, which gave everyone in the arena and those watching from home quite the scare. 

Thanks to instant replay, we now know Allen never touched the court with his head. It was a beautiful illusion that somehow caught the eye of every single person watching the video, save the NBA officials who reviewed the tape. 

Big Lead, SportsGrid, Yahoo! Sports and so many others shouted in one big voice, "Flop." We don't only agree, we give Allen the standing ovation he deserves. 

In all seriousness, I am just shocked that an act like this still warrants surprise from the peanut gallery. I wrote about that very thing with regard to LeBron James' propensity for basketball theatrics. 

It's a new game, and the hard-hitting action is many times just an illusion. Allen sold the foul and got himself some free throws, which then led to Mike Conley sending the game to OT. 

I gave up being frustrated by these types of flops long ago. Now I just accept that the athletes have made this a part of their game, as useful as a step-back jumper and as second nature as dribbling. 

Adding to the beauty is this happened to Ginobili, a man with quite the track record himself. 


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