Debate: Should Chicago Look to Trade Matt Garza?

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Debate: Should Chicago Look to Trade Matt Garza?
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Matt Garza was stellar in his return to the Cubs, should they be looking to trade him ASAP?


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Cubs should not trade Garza. If they're looking to compete in the next few years, they need experienced pitching and their cupboard in the minor leagu...
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Do you think those expansion teams won by spending big? No, they won by building teams through the draft and developing players. I can't wait to see w...
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Couldn't agree more! What's the point of building a team to win now, if you have to just rebuild again in 5 years!? A lot of people on here don't get ...
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Finally, somebody who gets it! This board is full of whiners who want Ricketts to buy a team and contend - NOW. They don't have the patience to build ...
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I like the suggestion of trading Sveum.. The guy doesn't think outside the BOX!! He still wants to play Hairston when the guy is only hitting .115, it...
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