Kane & Daniel Bryan Must Split Now in WWE

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIMay 23, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

All good things must come to an end, and at Extreme Rules, the WWE Tag Team Championship reign of Team Hell No was ended at the hands of The Shield.

Now that the one major thing that was keeping Kane and Daniel Bryan together (the tag team championship) is no longer around their waists, the time has come—Team Hell No must split. Now.

Although Team Hell No has had a wildly entertaining run together and has put on some really fantastic matches as of late, this is about more than just Team Hell No.

Actually, it’s about one member of the tag team who has become bigger than the team itself. It’s about Daniel Bryan.

Admittedly, the WWE has a great thing going with Team Hell No. The tandem is over like rover, delivers in the ring, and is entertaining as either a comedic or serious tag team.

But just listening to the reactions the team has received as of late, one thing is crystal clear: Bryan is too over to be stuck in a tag team.

Nowadays, there are very few babyface superstars who generate a consistently loud pop from the crowd. John Cena, Randy Orton and Sheamus are essentially the only three singles stars who do so week in and week out.

But Bryan? His pops have been almost deafening as of late.

Just go back and listen to how the crowd reacted to anything that Bryan did during his six-man tag team match against The Shield on Monday’s Raw. The pops were gigantic, and the cheers were loud as Bryan had the entire crowd firmly behind him with everything that he did.

It’s really hard to get a superstar over to that level. The WWE tried like hell to do it with Ryback, and it never happened. They are still trying to do the same with Alberto Del Rio, but even on a good day, the crowd only seems mildly interested in whatever it is that he’s doing.

Should the WWE really keep someone who’s ridiculously over like Bryan is in the tag team division? In the words of Dean Ambrose, nope.

As mentioned before, the WWE is really thin on the babyface side. Whereas, at any given time, the company has maybe 10 or more heels who are in the main-event or right around the borderline of it, it really only has three or four babyfaces who are at that same level.

There’s Orton, Sheamus and Cena. There used to be Punk and Ryback too, but now that those two have both gone heel, the WWE is stuck with less than a handful of babyfaces who are generally accepted by the masses as top guys.

Despite being a tag team competitor for nearly a year now, though, Bryan is already sitting alongside Orton, Cena and Sheamus as the most over babyfaces in the company.

Why not capitalize on that?

Yeah, Team Hell No has been a lot of fun to watch. Yeah, splitting the duo up might leave Kane without a substantial role or storyline in the company.

But Kane is approaching 50 now while Bryan is in his early 30s and should be around for another decade or so.

The WWE might have to scale back Kane’s role in order to elevate Bryan, but it’s a small price to pay to give a bigger role to a guy who more than deserves it.

The fans are already buying into Bryan as a main-event caliber star, despite the fact that he hasn’t challenged for a World title in nearly a year now. Thanks to his presence in the ongoing storyline with The Shield, he’s managed to remain a huge part of WWE storylines without being the focus of them.

Yep, he’s somehow been able to stay more relevant and more popular than several guys who are getting more of the spotlight. That’s really impressive when you consider that Bryan has been stuck in a tag team division that hasn’t had a whole lot of progress over the course of his title reign.

Even in a dying tag team division, Bryan has emerged as one of the WWE’s most popular stars.

Just imagine what he could do on his own.


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