Marc Gasol Made Two Ridiculous Shots That Didn't Count Last Night

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Marc Gasol Made Two Ridiculous Shots That Didn't Count Last Night
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

They should have counted as five points apiece, but officials cut them down in their prime.

To put it simply, Marc Gasol had himself an interesting game last night.

The Memphis Grizzlies center played strong defense, packaged up a turnaround jumper by Tim Duncan and generally brought the ruckus you’d expect from the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year in spite of a losing effort against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of the 2013 Western Conference Finals. 

What has been glossed over in the overtime blitz and the “We did it!” hubbub was the multiple circus shots he had last night. They must be catalogued and brought into the light, if only for posterity’s sake.  

Gasol threw up a shot that nobody saw coming—a behind-the-back looper typically reserved for schoolyard games and Globetrotter exhibitions—and they didn’t even count it.

No big whoop, right? Wrong. It usually wouldn’t be a big deal, but Gasol kept hitting these wildly improbable shots.

What is going on here? This isn’t Gasol’s thing. His job description reads “Bulldozing the block” and “bear-bearding.”

Nowhere in the book on Gasol is there a mention that he was a former employee of the Ringling Brothers and/or a H.O.R.S.E. lord. 

Not this kind of horse lord.

At this rate, he might drain some kind of weird no-look sky hook through contact. What? He's done that before?

He's done that before. 

Wait, that one didn’t count either? Oh, c’mon!

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