WWE's Prime Time Players Forced to Do Their Best Work Backstage

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 22, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

The Prime Time Players haven't had a multitude of opportunities to impress WWE fans inside the ring, but have been cooking up entertainment backstage and behind the scenes.

WWE.com, YouTube, WWE Active and WWE Inbox has been the place to see Titus O'Neil and Darren Young's fun energy, vibrancy and charisma in action.

It's here that their personality is most showcased. If WWE is watching its own online programming, the company has to realize that not putting the Prime Time Players on TV more is a missed opportunity.

Both Young and O'Neil participated in this year's Royal Rumble match. Beyond that, the team has not been a part of any of 2013's pay-per-views. They aren't a consistent part of weekly TV shows either. When a win on WWE Raw against Tons of Funk is billed as an upset, it's a sign that a team isn't exactly in line for the tag team championships.

Prime Time Players' fans have had to turn to WWE's online shows to see O'Neil and Young do their thing.

The duo maximizes their moments on camera even if they aren't part of the flagship programs.  

Watch the Prime Time Players get goofy during a visit to Ohio State University. The segment includes Young doing girl push-ups, the Players bullying Tony Dawson, a ferret reference and clear evidence that the team is having a great time together.

With as much as chemistry as those two guys have together, as funny as they can be, it's surprising that one has to head to the Internet to see them in action rather than just see it on WWE Raw every week.

The Prime Time Players are consistently one of the funnier parts of WWE Inbox. Whether they are asked about who is WWE's best dancer or their favorite boy band, Young and O'Neil usually draw a few chuckles out of the audience.

Watching them do something as simple as present a Prime Time Players cake is mighty entertaining.

Young and O'Neil have gelled and in these segments show off their cohesion, their charisma and likability. If they are managing to get this much fun out of pulling a cake out of a truck, it's easy to imagine them thriving if given more airtime.

If WWE were to give them a quarter of the focus that Team Hell No received during its most entertaining stretch, Prime Time Players would be sure to add to their fanbase. Their talents beg to be seen by a wider audience.

It's a waste for the Prime Time Players to be doing their best work on the Internet and away from the glow of the spotlight. Get Young, O'Neil and possibly Pancake Patterson out on the main stage and watch them flourish.