Los Angeles Dodgers 2013 Mock Draft: Projecting Their Top 5 First Round Targets

Seth Victor@sh_vicContributor IIIMay 22, 2013

Los Angeles Dodgers 2013 Mock Draft: Projecting Their Top 5 First Round Targets

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    The MLB draft is coming up, with the first round occurring on June 6.  The Dodgers have the 18th pick after finishing last season with an 86-76 record.

    They clearly enjoy speculating on high-upside high school pitchers with their first round picks: see Clayton Kershaw in 2006, Chris Withrow in 2007, Ethan Martin in 2008 and Zach Lee in 2010.  So it’s not a surprise that ESPN Insider Keith Law mentions that “the Dodgers are linked to a lot of prep arms.”

    Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com writes much the same thing, saying they “have a history of taking high school pitchers.”

Matt Krook, LHP, St. Ignatius (Calif.) High School

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    In his first mock draft from May 16, Law has the Dodgers projected to take Krook, a big lefty from Northern California.  Law is high on Krook, praising his curveball and his fit with the Dodgers: “for a team that likes high-upside high school arms, Krook's the best lefty in the draft.”

    Mayo is not quite as high on him, but mentions Krook’s impressive size and velocity; he is 6’4” and has hit 94 mph with his fastball.

Hunter Harvey, RHP, Bandys (N.C.) High School

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    Law also mentions specifically that the Dodgers are linked with Harvey, who, again, is a big high school pitcher.  Unlike Krook, he is right-handed, but he also has big velocity, with Law reporting that he can hit 94-95 with his fastball.

    Both Law and Mayo mention his inconsistent off-speed pitches, but both believe there is room for improvement and some promise in his arm.

Devin Williams, RHP, Hazelwood West (Mo.) High School

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    The third and final player that Law mentions the Dodgers having interest in is Williams, yet another big high school right-hander whose fastball sits in the mid-90s.  There are limited reports on him, as Mayo does not have him in his top 100.

    Matt Garrioch of minorleagueball.com has a quick blurb on him that mentions his fastball, but also his short track record.

Phil Bickford, RHP, Oaks Christian (Calif.) High School

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    Bickford is Mayo's choice to be the Dodgers’ first-round pick in his first mock draft.

    Like the three mentioned by Law, Bickford is a big high school pitcher who hits 95 with his fastball.  Mayo likes his fastball and sees major league average offerings in his off-speed stuff.

    Dave Perkin of SI.com also likes Bickford, seeing projectability in his "basics."

Phillip Ervin, OF, Samford University

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    The previously mentioned Perkin of SI.com projected the Dodgers to take outfielder Phillip Ervin in his first mock draft on May 10.

    Both Perkin and Mayo mention Ervin’s ability to hit, which is the defining characteristic of most major league position players.  Despite his lack of size, he is a speedy outfielder who won the 2012 Cape Cod League MVP.