Reflections of NASCAR's Fallen

David YeazellSenior Analyst IApril 29, 2009

Its a beautiful day here. The sun is shining, mother natures' paint brush has added a few wispy clouds to the canvas of blue sky.

Yesterday was about the same, except for the passing of David Poole.

It's a sadness, a gray or even dark moment in our minds when we hear of the passing of a loved one. David Poole was a loved one.

The NASCAR community, or should I say family, has seen many dark moments. For some reason, the next one isn't any easier than the previous one.

As we remember David Poole, its hard not to reflect and remember those who have gone before him.

Lee Petty, an iconic pioneer of NASCAR. Adam Petty, the great-grandson so full of promise, a shinning star still today. 

Davey and Clifford Allison, talented drivers taking different career paths in racing. 

We tried to be strong, but we couldn't help crying for Judy and Bobby. So much tragedy in such a short amount of time.

Benny Parsons, Bobby Hamilton, and Fonty Flock, NASCAR trees felled by cancer.

Dale Earnhardt and Neil Bonnett, the birthday boy with his best friend. Earnhardt honored Bonnett during a speech celebrating his seventh championship.

Ironic it would be the same race track and same piece of retaining wall that would take them both from us.  

Like the others, David Poole was taken from us way too soon.

Overflowing with world class drivers, announcers and now a world class journalist, race day in heaven must be glorious.