Wade Barrett: Is a Face Turn Possible, and Could Fandango Benefit from It?

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IMay 22, 2013

(WWE.com photo)
(WWE.com photo)

Fandango might have been doing his typical dance turns Monday night, but the biggest turn from that night could wind up belonging to Wade Barrett.

It is a turn that may benefit both Barrett and WWE’s “Dancing Machine.”

Barrett, the reigning Intercontinental Champion, could be the next WWE Superstar to make the move from heel to babyface. And he could have Fandango to thank for it.

Don’t worry. If it happens, Fandango may wind up returning the favor.

In case you missed it Monday night, Barrett and Fandango faced The Miz and Chris Jericho in a tag team match. The pairing was contentious from the beginning, as both men argued with each other prior to the bell, and the contention kept on throughout the match.

It reached a boiling point when Fandango jumped down to ringside and began dancing with his partner, Summer Rae, leaving Barrett alone in the ring against Miz and Jericho. He finally succumbed to Miz’s figure-four leglock while Fandango continued to dance the night away.

Miz and Jericho finally chased Fandango away from the ringside, but by that time, Barrett was nowhere to be found.

But that does not mean the story is ended.

As is the custom in professional wrestling, if a heel is wronged by another heel during a match, that usually marks the start of a face run for the “victim.”

In this scenario, while Fandango fiddled, Barrett got burned. And Barrett’s character is one who thrives on revenge.

It’s a logical step in the character development of Wade Barrett and ultimately for Fandango as well.

Barrett has held the IC belt three times, yet even as champion, he usually finds himself on the short end in matches against top Superstars. Look how often he has jobbed to Sheamus in recent months with and without the title.

Barrett was on the cusp of a major push in 2012 when he dislocated his elbow in a 10-man Battle Royal match on a Raw SuperShow. The injury sidelined him for many months, and while his return was heralded with video previews and other hoopla, he eventually came back to the same-old, same-old.

Now with the IC belt firmly around his waist and no other face stars stepping up to contend, Barrett really has nothing to keep him on the heel side of the fence. He always was fairly likable in an anti-hero sort of way, so it would only seem right to have him jump that fence and start facing off against the WWE villains.

And that is where Fandango waltzes into the picture.

The former Johnny Curtis debuted amid lots of fanfare and predictions from folks such as Steve Austin and Jim Ross. However, the top championships on the midcard level—the IC and the U.S. Heavyweight Championship—are now held by fellow heels Barrett and Dean Ambrose.

It’s quite unlikely that WWE would send Fandango after anyone in The Shield lest The Shield beat the dance right out of his legs. Turning Barrett face and putting him in a feud with Fandango for the IC belt is the most sensible way to go. Barrett gets that much-needed push, and Fandango gets to make Steve Austin look like Nostradamus.

The “Barrett Barrage” vs. the Ballroom Dancer. Now that could turn into a “Ballroom Blitz.”

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