WWE's Toughest Question: Who's a Better Heel, Orton or Jericho?

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IApril 29, 2009

Hey guys. I'm ready to take part in the Chris Jericho/Randy Orton debate. Many people argue about who the better heel is. Today, I'm giving my view on it and explaining why one is better than the other.


In the Ring

Both these men are amazing athletes in the ring. They both have great finishers. They both have an amazing amount of charisma and there's so much more now let's break it down.

Randy Orton

Orton has amazing in the ring skills. He also has one of the best finishers in WWE history. His athleticism is simply outstanding. And when he does something he just makes it look so good. He has some creativity when it comes to the moves.

There is a flaw when it comes to in the ring though. He doesn't have a legitimate submission maneuver which might hurt him some what, but him having the Orton punt might make up for that.

Orton is vicious. though, and that's a thing that might give him an edge too. The way he just hits that RKO is a sight for sore eyes. 


Chris Jericho

Chris "Y2J" Jericho is the answer (lol). What I mean is he is awesome(kinda what I'm saying). Jericho will save us from the untalented in ring athletes(lol). He's got one of the most exciting and creative finishers.

He also has arguably the best submission maneuver in the WWE. Chris Jericho is ruthless, he's remorseless, he's all you want in a superstar.

Which is why he's the savior I guess. For Jericho those moves might be nothing(to do them), but to us they're extraordinary (to see them). To always see him hit that perfect codebreaker is what we come for.

Conclusion: Despite not having a good submission maneuver Orton is still better in the ring.


Mic skills

These two are two of the best superstars on the mic without a doubt, but let's see which one is better.


Obviously a good heel has got to have good mic skills and Orton does. Orton knows how to always make himself sound better than everyone else. He knows how to insult any superstar or any of the fans.

Hell, he can do anything when it comes to the mic. Tell him to say it he'll go ahead and say it, but better. He is the ultimate package of mic skills(lol).

His mic skills recently have been almost perfect when feuding with the McMahons (and Batista). And that look he always gives with those mic skills just makes what he's saying sound better.


Chris Jericho is amazing on the mic (as if you didn't already know that). He can insult the fans, any superstars, legends (as you have seen recently), he could probably even insult a little girl (xD).

There is a reason they chose Jericho and not Orton or anybody else to feud with the legends and that's because they knew he had the best mic skills and put up an amazing war of words.

Jericho has been put in feuds with some of the best on the mic superstars for a reason. And that's because they knew he could match if not surpass their mic skills (other superstar).

Conclusion: I'd give Jericho the nod in mic skills because I think he truly is just better at saying what he says and making it sound good (b/c it is good probably).

Looks like we need a tie breaker, hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Biggest Career Highlight


Age Of Orton

The Age Of Orton was an amazing sight. It was a time where Randy Orton was the WWE champion. He had a tough list of No. 1 Contenders, but he still stayed WWE champion (until eventually he lost).

It was an amazing time, Orton was at the top of his game. He was vicious, his mic skills were on the spot and he was basically flawless.

An interesting thing to know is one of the people Orton knocked off was indeed Jericho. Anyway this was truly Orton's biggest accomplishment to date.


First-Ever Undisputed Champion

Chris Jericho did the unthinkable, he won both the WWE title and the World Title on the same night. He defeated The Rock for the WCW belt and defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE belt.

Those are two of the WWE's most famous superstars and also two of the best (despite The Rock using steroids). This was an amazing thing to see and if anyone deserved it was Jericho.

Conclusion: In a very close count, I think I give the nod to Jericho.

Result: Jericho is a better heel and a better superstar overall (sorry Randy).