Update on When John Cena Will Be Back on WWE Television

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 21, 2013

Things between Cena and Ryback got nasty at Extreme Rules (from wwe.com).
Things between Cena and Ryback got nasty at Extreme Rules (from wwe.com).

Following his electrocution at the hands of Ryback at Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, when can we expect to John Cena back on television again?

Sans a post-show dark match, the current champion didn't appear at all on Monday's Raw, still selling his injuries from the event.

Instead, Ryback came out at the start of the show, complained about the strange no-contest finish to the match and issued a challenge for an Ambulance match at the Payback event next month.

He later took out Cena's old friend Zack Ryder and sent him off in a nearby ambulance for emphasis.   

Well, it appears Cena will be answering the challenge sooner rather than later. In today's F4Wonline Daily Update, Dave Meltzer reveals:

"John Cena is expected back on Raw next week. He was off TV last night selling injuries, but he worked before the live crowd in the dark match main event."

Oh, come on. You didn't really expect Cena to miss any real time in an attempt to get over the seriousness of his injuries, did you?

This is the same man that famously "retired" from Raw in late 2010 only to make his, er, long-awaited return less than an hour later.

WWE brass obviously doesn't want one of the few top draws the company has left off of television for any prolonged period of time, which is a valid point.

Besides, in the storyline, this makes perfectly logical sense. Cena already emerged miraculously unscathed after being tossed by The Big Show into a massive spotlight, which then exploded, at 2009's Backlash event.

Like some comic book superhero, the guy is clearly immune to electricity at this point and cannot be seriously damaged by it.

Hey, maybe Nick Fury should show up at the end of next week's Raw and try to recruit Cena into The Avengers? Just a thought.