Ranking Kane's 11 WWE/World Tag Team Title Reigns

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 21, 2013

Ranking Kane's 11 WWE/World Tag Team Title Reigns

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    Whether he was paired with Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Undertaker or most recently, Daniel Bryan, Kane has always seemed to find WWE tag team gold.

    Tag team championship reigns are a major part of Kane's Hall of Fame resume. Eleven times he has been either the WWE or World tag team champ. His most recent reign tops them all.

    His other teams may have been more intimidating, but Team Hell No held the belts for longer than any of his other teams and made fans laugh again and again.

    Looking back at his other reigns as tag champion reveals a history of dissension among his allies, odd pairings and surprising success. Out of all the times that Kane could say, "I the tag team champions," which were his best?

    Ranked here on reign length and entertainment value, here are Kane's best WWE/World tag title reigns.

11. World Tag Team Championship with X-Pac (second Time)

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    Length of Reign: 13 days

    Their title win was fun, including the moment Kane spoke unassisted for the first time, but the novelty of seeing X-Pac and Kane team together was all but over.

    Had they made it out of August 1999 with the titles still around their waist, they would have surely entertained fans more, but in less than two weeks they didn't have much more time than to get their names put on the belts and then lose them again.

    The Unholy Alliance, Big Show and The Undertaker, overpowered them at SummerSlam 1999 before this odd-couple team could pick up any momentum.

10. WWE Tag Team Championship with Big Show

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    Length of Reign: 34 days

    The first time around, the team of Big Show and Kane was a devastating force. Six years later, they reunited but only held the WWE tag belts for just over a month.

    After winning the championships from The Corre on WWE Raw in February, Big Show and Kane fell to David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, a team Jerry Lawler repeatedly said was boring while he announced their matches.

    This reign is not nearly as memorable, entertaining or impressive as their first go-round in 2005.

9. World Tag Team Championship with Mankind (second Time)

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    Length of Reign: 20 days

    Aside from when he teamed with his brother, Kane's alliance with Mankind remains the team where he had the most in common with his partner. Disturbed and demented, these two psychos could have had one of the most intriguing tag reigns in WWE history.

    Instead, their second reign lasted only slightly longer than their first, following a win over Steve Austin and Undertaker in August of 1998 with not much else.

8. World Tag Team Championship with Mankind

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    Length of Reign: 13 days

    Even though their first reign was shorter than their second, Kane and Mankind's tag title run in July 1998 edges it out slightly because of the maniacal energy surrounding their feud with Steve Austin and Undertaker.

    There has rarely been as much star power in a tag match as when Austin and Undertaker took on Mankind and Kane as the Attitude Era gained momentum. Kane and Mankind were a chilling pair, one of the few convincingly capable of taking over the WWE.

    The company didn't give them much of a chance to make a legacy as champions, but their brief run was still plenty of fun.

7. World Tag Team Championship with Hurricane

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    Length of Reign: 21 days

    Hurri-Kane was one of many odd-couple teams that Kane has been a part of during his WWE career.

    The giant, brooding Kane juxtaposed well with the small, athletic and goofy Hurricane. Had this reign lasted longer, perhaps Hurri-Kane could have added to their list of comedic moments.

    Instead, their reign fell during a time of heavy title turnover. From September 2001 to September 2003, the titles changed hands 21 times. It's difficult to gain any traction as a team with such fleeting reigns.

6. World Tag Team Championship with Undertaker (second Time)

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    Length of Reign: 29 days

    Though The Brothers of Destruction's second reign as tag team champions lasted longer, it didn't have the same level of excitement surrounding seeing them together and their matches during this period were not as high-profile or entertaining as their first time as champs.

    Kane and his brother won the belts in a cage against Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon. The brothers were already WCW tag champs and so with the win, raised two pairs of belts above their head in victory and united the two sets of championships.

5. World Tag Team Championship with X-Pac

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    Length of Reign: 56 days

    Kane's fourth longest tag-title reign gets pushed down to the fifth spot because of the power that was The Brothers of Destruction. Kane and X-Pac's run as tag champs was one of the most surprisingly successful of the Attitude Era.

    The smaller X-Pac was a big contrast to Kane's immenseness. X-Pac's verbosity played well alongside Kane's silent act. There was a fun energy derived from the randomness of this pairing.

    In addition, their matches were an exciting blend of power and agility.

4. World Tag Team Championship with Undertaker

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    Length of Reign: 12 days

    Seeing the Brothers of Destruction unite was viscerally intimidating. Kane and Undertaker were not only among the largest men on the roster, but by 2001 among the most feared.

    Their brief run gets such a high ranking because of both the excitement of seeing them pair up in pursuit of the tag team championships as well as the excitement of their matches in this short span.

    After winning the belts from Edge and Christian in April 2001, they then battled the Two-Man Power Trip (Triple H and Steve Austin) at Backlash 2001, a match that the brothers didn't leave as champions.

3. World Tag Team Championship with Rob Van Dam

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    Length of Reign: 76 days

    Everything that X-Pac and Kane was, Rob Van Dam and Kane surpassed.

    The in-ring fun of seeing the big man and small man, the giant and the high-flyer team together was improved as Van Dam was a better performer than X-Pac. Their backstage segments were amusing as well.

    By this time, Kane was speaking and some of his comedic abilities were starting to shine.

    This is one of Kane's most memorable pairings and a formidable team that held the belts for over two months. Had they not lost to La Resistance, they could have given us more goofy backstage banter, but we wouldn't have seen Kane's unforgettable unmasking.

2. World Tag Team Championship with Big Show

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    Length of Reign: 153

    Align two giants together and watch them destroy all the would-be slayers. That's what WWE fans saw when Big Show and Kane first dominated the tag-title scene.

    For as long as they held the belts and as impressive as they were in their victories, it was hard to imagine someone finally knocking them off. Imaging that the team to finally do it would be The Spirit Squad would have been unfathomable.

    Big Show and Kane had an awe-inspiring stretch even if their reign ended against inferior opponents.

1. WWE Tag Team Championship with Daniel Bryan

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    Length of Reign: 245 days

    Kane's most entertaining and longest reign as tag team champion has been his most recent. With Daniel Bryan, the duo dubbed Team Hell No kept winning and retaining the belts and kept amusing fans with their antics.

    From September 2012 to May 2013, Team Hell No mixed power, high-flying, submission and dissension in an intriguing mix.

    Beginning with Kane giving Bryan a Gatorade bath to celebrate their title win, this team kept impressing both in and out of the ring. This reign was full of chuckle-worthy silliness like Kane beat-boxing for Bryan as he rapped or arguing over diagrams

    Their alliance was an emotional circus that led to them holding onto the belts until The Shield came along.