Triple H Injury: Updates on WWE Star's Status

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Triple H Injury: Updates on WWE Star's Status
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The WWE's Monday Night Raw came to an abrupt ending as doctors tended to Triple H. It left confusion and mystery surrounding the broadcast and the nature of The Game's injury. 

Triple H appeared to pass out as his match with Curt Axel, formerly Michael McGillicutty of The Nexus, ended in a no-contest. 

Doctors rushed to his side, and that is when the broadcast came to an abrupt end. This led wrestling great Jerry Lawler to speculation he would quickly regret

Whether this injury was staged or legit, it left a serious sense of drama around the proceedings, and obviously, we all hope that this was merely a bit of planned theatrics. posted exclusive footage of Triple H being tended to by WWE's medical staff after Raw went off the air.

Triple H has certainly been involved in these kinds of things lately. The Game's arm was the victim of a Brock Lesnar kimura lock earlier in the year, and that was all part of their budding feud. 

In fact, the possibility of drama springing from this injury leads me to believe it was fake. 

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Curt Axel is Paul Heyman's newest client. There was a nice buildup to finding out who the mic master's latest protege would be. So, it would only stand to reason that the company would do something to ensure that wrestler had a big intro, and an intense rivalry with the legendary Triple H would make for that. 

The son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig is a technically gifted wrestler, and he looks to have a bright a future ahead of him. 

Assuming nothing is seriously wrong with The Game, that future is likely to contain a rivalry with Triple H. 

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