Marvin Bagley III Video: Watch 7th-Grader's Insane Basketball Highlight Mixtape

Justin OnslowContributor IIMay 20, 2013

Another day, another tremendously talented seventh-grader with Division I scholarship offers.  

At 13, Marvin Bagley is already doing things one wouldn’t expect to see from most high school players. He’s in seventh grade, probably more worried about social studies homework and video games than he is about college, but Bagley is certainly making a name for himself.  

As the video above proves, the 6’8” do-everything baller has the skills to warrant the attention.

According to Spencer Pulliam of, Northern Arizona has already offered a scholarship to the youngster:

Northern Arizona has become the first to offer 2018 6'8 F Marvin Bagley. Scholarship was extended just moments ago according to his father.

— Spencer Pulliam (@SpencerPulliam) April 30, 2013

Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo! Sports also reports that Arizona State is interested in the most intriguing basketball player of the 2018 graduating class, and there’s a very good chance those programs won’t be the last to offer Bagley a chance to play college ball.  

If you’re surprised, let me ask you this: When was the last time you saw a 13-year-old dunk like this?

College basketball recruiting has taken a largely expected turn in recent years, gravitating toward younger and younger on-court talent. It’s a cutthroat business predicated on staying ahead of the competition, and teenagers like Bagley are the beneficiaries of the often-criticized practice.

Then again, handling the pressure of the national spotlight can’t be easy for a kid still a year short of playing high school basketball.

Don’t be surprised if Bagley continues drawing attention, though. Welcomed or not, his tremendous size and athleticism will have plenty of college coaches pining for an opportunity to lock him up before the competition can.

And from the looks of his mixtape, no one can blame them.