Brock Lesnar's Next Feud Should Be with CM Punk

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IMay 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE's instagram account
Photo courtesy of WWE's instagram account

With one swing of the sledgehammer, Brock Lesnar presumably ended his year-long feud with Triple H at Extreme Rules on Sunday night. 

Naturally with a superstar as popular as the Cage Fighting Carnivore, the question now becomes simple: What's next?

Unfortunately, the logical answer to that question seems to be even less complex: A break. 

There's little question that Lesnar is a massive (literally) draw for the WWE. If it were up to the company, it would instantly be writing him into the next main-event storyline. 

But Lesnar's contract, which presumably limits him to a minuscule number of matches, simply won't allow it.

The theory that he'll soon hit the sidelines is only strengthened when you consider the serious knee injury Lesnar was playing up at Extreme Rules. This accompanies the news that manager Paul Heyman will be adding a third member to his stable.

Add it all up, and a lengthy absence seems inevitable for The Freak. His next match, seemingly, would be at SummerSlam in August. 

Still, it's never too early to plan ahead and, more importantly, lay the ground work for Lesnar's next rival. 

There are several options. John Cena, Ryback and Randy Orton immediately come to mind as compelling opponents (as does The Rock, but the company could fit in another feud before that one comes to fruition for WrestleMania 30). None, however, have the appeal of what CM Punk would bring.

First of all, as two Paul Heyman guys, the connection is there and the storyline wouldn't be a reach.  

Some may find it difficult to suspend belief and accept that Punk could realistically compete with Lesnar, who is two inches taller and nearly 70 pounds of muscle heavier. But that doubt would quickly be dispelled by watching the former WWE champ take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

With Punk's technical prowess and Lesnar's sight-to-behold size and strength, the duo would easily combine to create an entertaining match. 

Hypothetically, even if they were horrendous inside the ring together, the draw would be otherworldly and make loads of sense from a business perspective. 

You may not see either guy for a while, but that only adds to the allure for a potential Lesnar vs. Punk SummerSlam spectacle.