WWE Extreme Rules: Why Brock Lesnar Should Win the World Heavyweight Title

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistMay 20, 2013


Let's cut to the chase—the World Heavyweight Championship needs a major revival.

Say what you want but Dolph Ziggler is not and will not be that guy to make the title relevant again. It has become diluted and thrust on talent that the WWE thinks should be over.

What ever happened to the days where the World Heavyweight Championship was the legitimate 1b title, compared to the WWE title being—of course—the 1a title. When Triple H, Batista, The Undertaker, John Cena, Edge and Chris Jericho actually made the title worthy of its prestige.

I'm not knocking Dolph Ziggler. Well, sorta. But I will say this, though; If they want Ziggler to be a legitimate main-event wrestler, they must implement major players in the World Heavyweight Championship picture to make a rising star look credible.

How did Chris Jericho rise to the main event? By "beating" Triple H on Raw and receiving a resounding ovation. Then, the WWE thought, "okay, we have something here with this guy."

What about Eddie Guerrero? He was booked for so many years as a midcarder, but effectively filled a spot on the main event and won at No Way Out—against an established main-event star, Brock Lesnar.

Let's go even further back.

What about Sting? A buzz cut musclehead with some athleticism and a bit of promise skyrocketed his career by starting a feud with Ric Flair and winning the world title at Great American Bash, 1990.

The WWE must revive this concept.

The past year, we have seen the World Heavyweight Championship tossed from Daniel Bryan to Sheamus to Big Show to Alberto Del Rio to Dolph Ziggler. Although each one of them are worthy champions (some may argue that point), the title just is not that big of a deal anymore.

This is why legitimate main eventers, especially part-timers, should be involved in the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

Specifically—Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar proved in both of his marquee matches this year—WrestleMania and Extreme Rules—that he can carry some of the load that WWE has right now as a result of improper booking and a shortage of talent. He is back in great shape, his agility has increased tremendously in the past year and his ring psychology is what is needed to make the WHC important again.

Brock Lesnar's next match should be at SummerSlam, vying for the World Heavyweight Championship. Alberto Del Rio should defeat Dolph Ziggler at Payback and commence a feud with Lesnar. ADR is a legitmate shootfighter, with years of MMA background. He can hold his own. Moreover, if the WWE wants to keep him a face, cease the cheesy babyface character. We need to see a rough, aggressive ADR.

What better way than to showcase that against Brock Lesnar.

Imagine this: At SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar wins the World Heavyweight Championship. He feuds with ADR for a bit longer, then on to the next one. Regardless of who the "next one" is, at least the World Heavyweight Championship matches would be more intriguing.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are great competitors, who will have their chance again in the years to come. However, right now is not a good time to involve either of them in the World Heavyweight Championship picture. They are not top draws and won't be until that established babyface puts them over. Chris Jericho minimally helped Ziggler but just was not enough to push him past an upper midcard guy. Triple H may be the best option to feud with Ziggler.

ADR beats Ziggler. Lesnar beats ADR. Triple H beats Lesnar. Ziggler beats Triple H. There is your WHC booking until WrestleMania, where Ziggler comes in as champ. 

Only this time—he is way more over as a main-event player.

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