Myles Jury Conveys Positive Message to Troubled Kids in Iowa

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Several UFC fighters have recently gotten involved in a number of campaigns to help young people around the world through programs aimed at important matters like anti-bullying, and now lightweight fighter Myles Jury has taken his time to do something for troubled youths in Iowa.

The Woodward Academy in Iowa is a school where troubled kids described by the school and their program that "targets youth new to the criminal justice system and are in need of a short-term intervention, a community residential program for youth who are in need of a longer length of stay, and a program for males in need of sexual offender treatment."

More than 3,300 students have enrolled at the school just outside of Des Moines, Iowa, and recently Jury appeared there to speak to the students.

Jury grew up making some of the same mistakes these kids did, but he found a positive outlet through martial arts, and he shares his message in hopes of helping them escape similar pitfalls.

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