NBA History Being Made During 2013 Postseason

Jared Wade@@Jared_WadeContributor IMay 20, 2013

NBA History Being Made During 2013 Postseason

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    The NBA playoffs are the best show on Earth. Each year, things that have never happened before happen. Records are broken, milestones are hit and benchmarks are created.

    The best part is that every season, just as the members of the old guard start to show signs that the end may be near, a new crop of young gunners always seems to show up and prove that they will be the ones to carry the torch going forward.

    It's truly remarkable.

    It's truly historic.

Ray Allen Sets Career 3-Point Record

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    In 2011, the inevitable happened: Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller's record for most three-pointers made in an NBA career during the regular season.

    On April 25, while making 5-of-8 triples in the Miami Heat's Game 3 win over the Milwaukee Bucks, he bested the same man for the playoff three-point crown, according to @NBAHistory.

    Miller hit 320 three-pointers in the playoffs. Allen now sits at 330.

    With that performance, Allen also increased his all-time-best number of playoff games with at least five three-pointers to 21, according to Elias Sports. Miller is second all-time with 13 such games.

Tim Duncan Set to Pass Wilt Chamberlain on Double-Double List

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    Nobody has more double-doubles in playoff history than Magic Johnson, according to @NBAHistory and Elias Sports. But Tim Duncan will soon be the closest. 

    He currently sits in second place, tied with Wilt Chamberlain at 143, having just passed Shaquille O'Neal's 142. With a maximum 13 games left in this year's San Antonio Spurs playoff campaign, he can't pass Johnson, who has 157 double-doubles, this year.

    But, he should be a lock to finish this year alone in second place. And if he sticks around a couple more years, Johnson's record remains attainable.

Derek Fisher Chases Robert Horry's Games-Played Record

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    On May 11, Derek Fisher played his 238th career playoff game, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the second-most appearances, according to @NBAHistory.

    By the time the Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated from the playoffs, Fisher had finished with 240 playoff games under his belt.

    Only Robert Horry, with 244 postseason appearances, according to Basketball-Reference, now ranks ahead of Fisher, who is 38 years old and made his NBA debut in 1996.

    Kobe Bryant, in fourth place (220), and Tim Duncan, in seventh (201), are the other active players on the list with a chance to get close to Horry. 

Stephen Curry's Remarkable Playoff Start

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    With 18 three-pointers in his first four playoff games, Stephen Curry set an all-time record. According to @NBAHistory, he surpassed Antoine Walker and Matt Maloney, who each had 16. 

    On the strength of all of those threes, Curry also became just the third player in history to score 100 points while notching 40 assists in his first four playoff games, according to ESPN Stats and Info and Elias Sports. Oscar Robertson and Kevin Johnson were the other two. 

    Curry didn't stop there, however. 

    In his first 10 career playoff games, he averaged 25.0 points and 8.3 assists, becoming only the third player to accomplish that feat, according to Elias Sports. Robertson and Chris Paul are the two others.

Lakers Get Destroyed

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    The Los Angeles Lakers limped into the playoffs and got demolished by the San Antonio Spurs. According to Elias Sports, the Spurs beat the Lakers by an average of 18.8 points per game in their four-game sweep—the fourth-largest differential in NBA history (seven-game series).

    The sweep also marked some historically bad news for Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni.

    Dating back to his days with the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns, via Elias, D'Antoni is now only the second coach in NBA history to lose 14 of 15 playoffs games. Mike Fratello is the other.

Jason Kidd Doesn't Score for Eons

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    Jason Kidd hasn't scored a point since April 23, when he put up three points in the New York Knicks' Game 2 win over the Boston Celtics. In the next 10 games he played before the Indiana Pacers ended the Knicks' season, Kidd missed all 17 of his shots and never once shot a free throw.

    According to Elias Sports, Kidd passed Charles Jones for the longest streak of scoreless playoff games (while playing at least five minutes). Jones had eight such games, though his streak spanned seasons, as he came up empty one game in 1988 for the Washington Bullets and seven in 1995 with the Houston Rockets.

    ESPN points out another key difference: "Jones played a total of 93 minutes in his eight scoreless games. Kidd has played 177 minutes during his eight-game pointless streak."

    After losing Game 4 to the Pacers, falling into a 3-1 hole in the series, Knicks coach Mike Woodson said he "will never kick J-Kidd to the curb, man," according to ESPN New York.

    He soon reneged on those words, however.

    After sticking with Kidd for at least 15 minutes per game in his first eight scoreless games, Woodson only gave the 40-year-old five and six minutes of playing time, respectively, in the team's final two games of the postseason.

Bulls Can't Buy a Bucket

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    It was no surprise that the Miami Heat came back to dominate the Chicago Bulls, even after dropping Game 1 to the plucky underdogs in South Beach. But Chicago's complete inability to score in Game 4 was historically awful.

    The Bulls hit just 19 of 74 shots to score only 65 points.

    Since 1986, only four teams have made fewer than 20 field goals in a playoff game, according to Only the New Orleans Hornets, in a 2009 loss to the Denver Nuggets, have made less than 19. And of the two other teams that have made just 19 in a game, only the Portland Trail Blazers, who converted 19 shots in a loss to the San Antonio Spurs in 1999, have shot worse than Chicago's 25.7 percent against Miami.

    The 65-point total was also only the second time the Bulls franchise has scored below 70 in the playoffs, according to ESPN Stats and Info.

    In player news, Nate Robinson shot 0-of-12 in the game and scored zero points. According to Basketball-Reference, he is just the third player since 1986 not to make a shot while taking 12 or more in a playoff game and the only player to do so while failing to score a point. (Ray Allen and Paul Pressey went 0-of-13 and 0-of-12, respectively, but each scored two points from the free-throw line.)

Klay Thompson Just Shy of All-Time 3-Point-Shooting Mark for a Half

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    Klay Thompson hit seven first-half three-pointers to help his team win Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs. Only Vince Carter has ever made more in one half during the playoffs, according to @NBAHistory. 

    Thompson finished the game with a career-high 34 points and 14 rebounds, though he would only make one three in the second half, finishing 8-of-9 for the game.

    His amazing display also ended another hard-to-believe figure: The Golden State Warriors had lost 30 straight games in San Antonio. Thompson led his franchise to its first road victory over the Spurs since Feb. 14, 1997, according to the Raul Dominguez of the Associated Press.