30 Pics of Sad Fans Sulking

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30 Pics of Sad Fans Sulking
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The sad sack fans in the stands trying to keep it together after a crushing defeat. They're a staple at every sporting event in which a winner and loser are declared. 

Sometimes, it's us in the stands, celebrating along with our fellow fans as our team steamrolls the opposition. In more unfortunate moments, we're there commiserating with each other after a gut-wrenching loss. 

Although, more often than not, we're watching from home either way. It's cheaper. It's climate-controlled. And the cost of snacks and booze is far more reasonable at the grocery store than at Yankee Stadium. 

That's not to say that actually attending a game in person is an experience that can be duplicated. It's just that there are pros and cons to dishing out your hard-earned dollars. The visceral experience is a pro. The cost and the commute are definite cons. 

Another con? Getting caught by Getty Images or broadcast on national television, looking like you just witnessed the ritual sacrifice of 100 puppies. Or 100 kittens. Or 100 puppies and 100 kittens. 

Everyone reacts differently when things don't go their way. Some keep their cool and walk out with their head held high. While others cry, deny or go straight up comatose, when times are tough. 

Here are some of the latter. 

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