Bay to Breakers 2013: Most Bizarre Costumes at Historic Race

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IMay 20, 2013

Photo: D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group
Photo: D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group

Bay to Breakers has become one of the best parties in San Francisco throughout the years, bringing the zany and eclectic out of the woodwork, whether it is participants in the race or onlookers.

The 102nd annual Bay to Breakers Sunday was no different, as many dressed to impress (or horrify). Who needs Halloween when you have this event?

Here's a look at some of the most bizarre costumes in the race this year, complete with a breakdown of each.


Craig Sager With a Sombrero

I don't know what this guy was going for, but the, um, colorful assortment radiating from his torso is something I only thought TNT's Craig Sager could come up with.

But, oh, was I wrong. 

It starts with an ordinary plaid shirt and evolves, or regresses, into something out of Alice in Wonderland. Is this man also celebrating St. Patrick's Day with his green bow tie? What is up with those glasses? Is he going skydiving after the event? 

There are few things in this world that he could have taken a picture of that would have rivaled his outfit Sunday.


Leopard Man Needs a Rest

I don't know how Leopard Man finished the race Sunday, but I can tell you, judging by this picture at Ocean Beach, it didn't end well.

Unfortunately, when you don a leopard costume and you've maybe had a bit too much to drink, you think you can run as fast as a leopard. The problem is, when you've had too much to drink, that lasts for about five seconds before you realize it was a very bad idea to run in the first place.

This could be a cautionary photo for youngsters. Don't drink and run: You'll end up like this guy.


Horsehead Meets Mardi Gras Meets Calvin Klein

Interestingly enough, the expression on horsehead's face is how I reacted when seeing this picture.

It's not just the terrifying look on horsehead's face, it's also the combination of Mardi Gras beads and a Calvin Klein belt. This is the kind of thing you wake up in when you've had too much to drink and somebody's played a prank on you in your sleep.

The man in the middle of this photo seems impressed. The guy on the right? Not so much.


Despicable Me

Imagine if you didn't know this was based on a character from a film. Imagine how much it would confuse you. Think about the impressionable youth, please.

My question is, how much does that thing weigh? Did that person have to hold it while running the whole time? I'll tell you one thing: If you fall running the race wearing that, you won't feel a thing.



Those familiar with the show Futurama will appreciate this one. 

I don't know how this individual actually ran in this costume, but it was a great representation of the popular cartoon character. 

You have to give props for the time it must have taken to create the costume, too. Also, does the material naturally reflect heat? If it does, it was also a smart costume to have on a sunny day.


A Tribute to the Great Bob Ross

Bob Ross became one of the most well-known painters of his generation while hosting the PBS show The Joy of Painting

This group took it to another level, paying tribute to the painter in a big way. I count at least seven Bob Rosses in this photo.


Jamaican Bobsled Team

Raise your hand if you instantly thought of Cool Runnings when you saw this photo.

I would have liked to see a John Candy tribute somewhere, but you cannot deny this was a clever idea. I wonder if they all leaned to one side while making turns.


Random Guy With a Cat 

Perhaps I missed who this was supposed to resemble (I haven't watched every TV show out there), but I just don't see where this guy was going with this.

A white cap, dark sunglasses with red rims, powder on his face, a full coat and a stuffed animal. If this was a game of Spot The Differences, I'd be losing my mind.


Tarzan With Bright Green Glasses

If Tarzan was to show up at a rave in San Francisco, I'm pretty sure this is what he'd look like.



Bizarre. Just bizarre.


Milkmen (and Milklady)

I don't know who is the true star of this show, the milkmen or the milk "lady." I'll tell you this: That picture has been seared into my head for the rest of my life.



This is, um, an interesting chicken. So interesting, in fact, that I'd go as far as to say a chicken has never looked like this, in any way.

Is that a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell on his back?


Well, those are just some of the wacky costumes I came across Sunday after the race. Have some of your own? Be sure to post them in the comments section below.


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