Lionel Hollins Can't Remember Jerryd Bayless' Name in Postgame Presser

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2013

Jerryd Bayless is the guy with a shiny head and a headband on the Memphis Grizzlies who sort of looks like Derek Fisher. He spells his first name with an odd "y" and has many identifiable characteristics, but Lionel Hollins had a rough time remembering his name at Sunday's postgame press conference.

Hollins celebrated his 59th birthday back in October, so he's hardly the oldest head coach in the NBA. However, he had himself a bit of a rough time trying to remember the name of that guy on the Grizzlies who missed all of those jump shots in Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs.

He was going off on a tangent about the Grizzlies needing outside shooters to be more consistent and started listing players. Then came that moment of realization—a brick wall and a furrowed brow, along with an awkward moment of silence.

Hollins took a quick glance down at the game notes and probably just looked down the list of zeroes in the "three-pointers made" column, where he found Bayless' name sitting pretty with an 0-of-2 on the night.

I've got two possible explanations for what went through Lionel Hollins' mind when he was busy forgetting the name of one of the two players whom he actually gives minutes to on his bench.

First, he could have been replaying the number of times Zach Randolph looked completely overmatched when the Spurs ran a pick-and-roll at him, along with all of his missed shots within five feet. It took so long to replay it all that there was a solid five-second gap of silence that created the flatulent brain of his.

Second, it could be another Hollins coaching tactic, which I'm hoping it was.

Hollis went out there with the intention of slighting one of his players at the press conference, so when he took a look at the stat sheet for the night, he decided to call out Bayless. He couldn't have picked out Z-Bo or Mike Conley—it would have seemed too staged. However, Bayless would be a totally believable name to forget.

Now, Jerryd Bayless has the motivation to come out next game and give Hollins a reason to remember his name, for better or worse.