Sudirman Cup 2013 Results: Updated Points and Group Standings

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Aug 2, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Michele Li (CAN) competes against Mizuki Fuji and Reika Kakiiwa (JPN) in the women's double semifinals during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Wembley Arena. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
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The first day of the 2013 Sudirman Cup is in the books, and China has picked up right where it left off with a 5-0 win over India at Stadium Putra. The most dominant badminton team on the planet has won eight of the last 12 Sudirman Cups and is well on its way to a ninth with a win this year.

China wasn’t the only nation to secure a shutout victory, though. Vietnam also posted a 5-0 win in the group stage over Kazakhstan in Level 3, Group B, outshining group counterpart Australia and its 4-1 dismantling of Lithuania.

In Group A (Level 2), the United States was on the other end of a tough loss. With a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Sweden, the U.S joins group counterpart Russia in defeat on Day 1.

Let’s take a look at full results from Day 1 and break down the updated points and group standings for the tournament.


Day 1 Results

New Zealand vs. Philippines  2-3
Turkey vs. Sri Lanka 2-3
China vs. India 5-0
Denmark vs. Singapore 4-1
Russia vs. Scotland 1-4
Vietnam vs. Kazakhstan 5-0
Australia vs. Lithuania  4-1
Thailand vs. Hong Kong China 3-2
Malaysia vs. Chinese Taipei  2-3
U.S.A. vs. Sweden 2-3


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Day 2 Preview

 Day 2 of the Sudirman Cup will feature 10 more matches across all levels and groups. Each team that was without a match on Day 1 will see its first action, set to begin at 12 a.m. ET.

The opening matches include contests between Indonesia and India, Japan and Singapore and Ukraine and Philippines, followed by a full slate of five 6 a.m. ET contests that include matchups between Korea and Hong Kong China and France and Canada.

Here's a look at the full schedule of action for Day 2 of the Sudirman Cup (all times ET):


Indonesia vs. India 12 a.m.
Japan vs. Singapore 12 a.m.

Ukraine vs. Philippines

12 a.m.
New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka 12 a.m.
Netherlands vs. Austria 12 a.m.
Korea vs. Hong Kong China 6 a.m.
Germany vs. Chinese Taipei 6 a.m.
Switzerland vs. Kazakhstan 6 a.m.
Vietnam vs. Lithuania 6 a.m.
France vs. Canada 6 a.m.


Day 2 Results

Indonesia vs. India 4-1
Japan vs. Singapore 5-0
Ukraine vs. Philippines 5-0
New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka 3-2
Netherlands vs. Austria 5-0
South Korea vs. Hong Kong 4-1
Germany vs. Chinese Taipei 0-5
Switzerland vs. Kazakhstan 5-0
Vietnam vs. Lithuania  5-0
France vs. Canada 3-2


Day 3 of the Sudirman Cup was chock full of noteworthy events, particularly the dominance of three of the tournaments top contenders. Both China and South Korea shutout their opponents to move to 2-0, while Japan outlasted Denmark 3-2 to remain undefeated as well. 

The Sudirman Cup has been held biannually since 1989 and either China or South Korea has won every tournament with the exception of the inaugural one, which was won by Indonesia. China has won four consecutive Sudirman Cups, but it will have a tough test on its hands in the form of South Korea if it wants to win another.

Several intermediate-to-low-level teams competed as well, including the United States. After narrowly losing to Sweden on the first day of play, Team USA was taken care of 4-1 by Scotland. The United States is now 0-2 and likely can't afford another loss if it wants to advance out of its group.

Here are the results for all 10 of Tuesday's matches, as well as the updated group standings after three days.


Day 3 Results

Denmark vs. Japan 2-3
China vs. Indonesia 5-0
Ukraine vs. Sri Lanka 4-1
New Zealand vs. Turkey 3-2
Russia vs. Sweden 3-2
Malaysia vs. Germany 2-3
Thailand vs. South Korea 0-5
Switzerland vs. Lithuania 5-0
Vietnam vs. Australia 4-1
USA vs. Scotland 1-4


Day 4 Results

Netherlands vs. Canada 4-1
France vs. Austria 5-0
Ukraine vs. Turkey 4-1
Sri Lanka vs. Philippines 2-3
Russia vs. USA 4-1
Malaysia vs. Germany 2-3
Sweden vs. Scotland 2-3
Switzerland vs. Australia 2-3
Lithuania vs. Kazakhstan 4-1


Day 5 Results

Turkey vs. Philippines  2-3
Germany vs. Korea 0-3
Ukraine vs. New Zealand 5-0
China vs. Indonesia 3-2
Netherlands vs. France 4-1
Australia vs. Kazakhstan 5-0
Chinese Taipei vs. Denmark 0-3
Switzerland vs. Vietnam  2-3
Thailand vs. Japan 3-1
Canada vs. Austria 4-1


Day 6 Results

USA vs. Austria 3-0
Sweden vs. Canada3-2
New Zealand vs. Switzerland2-3
Sri Lanka vs. Lithuania3-1
Turkey vs. Kazakhstan3-0
Scotland vs. Netherlands3-1
Russia vs. France3-0
Ukraine vs. Vietnam 1-3
Philippines vs. Australia3-2


Day 7 Recap

The Chinese and South Korean dominance of the Sudirman Cup continued on Saturday as the two badminton powers won their semi-final matchups in order to set up a date in the finals on Sunday.

China defeated Denmark 3-1 in a rematch from the last Sudirman Cup final in 2011, while South Korea outlasted Thailand 3-1. China is the four-time defending champion, but South Korea has had its fair share of success as well. The Koreans haven't won the cup since 2003, though, so they'll be hungry to upset China.

South Korea and China have met in the finals on three occasions since 1997 with China coming out on top twice. China and Korea have clearly been the two best teams throughout the tournament, so it is only fitting that they will battle it out to decide the winner.


Day 7 Results

South Korea vs. Thailand3-1
China vs. Denmark3-1


Group Standings


Team (Record)

Level 1 - Group A

China 2-0 

Indonesia 1-1

India 0-2




Level 1 - Group B

South Korea 2-0 

Thailand 1-1

Hong Kong China 0-2




Level 1 - Group C

Chinese Taipei 2-0 

Germany 1-1

Malaysia 0-2




Level 1 - Group D

Japan 2-0 

Denmark 1-1

Singapore 0-2




Level 2 - Group A

Scotland 3-0

Russia 2-1

Sweden 1-2

USA 0-3





Level 2 - Group B

Netherlands 3-0

France 2-1

Canada 1-2

Austria 0-3





Level 3 - Group A

Ukraine 4-0

Philippines 3-1

New Zealand 2-2

Sri Lanka 1-3

Turkey 0-4






Level 3 - Group B

Vietnam 4-0

Australia 3-1

Switzerland 2-2

Lithuania 1-3

Kazakhstan 0-4







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Background of Sudirman Cup

The Sudirman Cup is the largest badminton tournament of 2013, held bi-annually as part of the Badminton World Federation. The tournament switches host cities every two years, this year being hosted by Malaysia.

The first Sudirman Cup was help in 1989, and this year's tournament marks the 13th playing of the event. China has won the Cup each of the last four years and eight of the last 12, with Korea having claimed three of the other four titles. The two nations have combined for 14 first- or second-place finishes in the tournament's history.

Teams in Level 1 compete for the trophy, and there is no qualifying stage for the tournament. The winner of the top-level groups go on to complete for the championship, while all other teams get relegated to lower-level groups.