John Cena vs. Ryback: Predictability Won't Take Away from Match's Intrigue

Tim KeeneyContributor IMay 19, 2013

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SPOILER ALERT: John Cena will beat Ryback at Extreme Rules on Sunday night. 

He just...will. 

Cena, for better or for worse, means too much to the WWE to lose the business' biggest title so quickly after winning it. He has left victorious in too many big-time (and small-time, and medium-time) matches to even remotely suggest he will be defeated on Sunday.

But don't let that deter you. There are still plenty of compelling factors surrounding this match. 

First and foremost, you have the intrigue of the unknown. 

Are Cena and Ryback going to fly around the ring and put on a tactically enthralling show? Well, not quite. 

The Cenation Leader hasn't exactly drawn rave reviews from his fellow wrestlers (via World Heavyweight champ Dolph Ziggler):

And for as athletically and physically gifted as Ryback is, his towering size obviously limits him in certain aspects of the business. 

But these two have never faced off in an official match before. If nothing else, it's worth seeing what kind of chemistry they have together for an extended period of time. It could very well be disastrous, but considering the strength and talent of each wrestler, they could also gel really well together.

Throw in the several different directions the match could take because of the Last Man Standing stipulation, and there is plenty of potential. 

Now, potential isn't typically what you look for in a main event match. You look for what you know is going to be electrifying. But don't underestimate how gripping it can be simply to see something new. 

This will be new. 

Additionally, there is intrigue to see how the WWE treats Ryback. 

Since his loss at WrestleMania, the company has been building him up as an unstoppable monster in the ring:

But he's also showcasing a bit more personality, which should only help—wait for it—feed his current push:

So in a match he almost has to lose, does the WWE continue to make him look strong? Does he control most of the offense before losing via interference or something equally as shady?

Or does he get beat straight up and subsequently taken out of the title push? 

There is little question that this match is headed towards a predictable result, but there are a slew of different routes to the same place. Simply put, it will be interesting to see which of those routes is taken. 

Predictability doesn't mean the action has to be any less captivating or appealing.