WWE Extreme Rules 2013: What Happens Now for Both John Cena and Ryback?

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 20, 2013


First Ryback injures then-WWE champion CM Punk, forcing him out of TLC last year, and now it appears the neophyte who was rushed to superstardom has hurt "Superman."

The image of Ryback driving the current WWE champion, John Cena, through the lighting and onto the back flooring of the arena is a chilling one, causing this writer to ask plenty of questions—including if Ryback is a threat to hurt anyone he wrestles because he appears to be "raw" and misses marks at times, causing injury.

This is one instance where you hope this was "planned" and it is part of the WWE's plan to bring back CM Punk as a face again with the company.

But what if it isn't? 

With one month until Payback in Chicago, if this was not a "fix," then the WWE may be in a world of hurt. It cannot afford to lose any more faces within the franchise. Numbers are dwindling. Fans are in shock, and I am still trying to figure out who will come to aid of the WWE and save it from its depletion.

Dolph Ziggler is out with a concussion. Christian is MIA. Punk will be involved with Payback because it is in Chicago. Undertaker is out on injured reserve. 

Ryback and Cena's match, which was fairly decent up until the end, has such an impact on what will happen in the next few weeks, more so on other wrestlers than themselves. It appeared this was not part of the plan and Cena was indeed injured. Ryback was helped backstage, and Vince McMahon must be on the phone calling one of his lifelines for help.

Oh, and by losing, Triple H cannot wrestle again.

Who fills the void? Does Cena play through the pain? Does Ziggler come back as a face and turn on AJ. It would be awesome if he was Kaitlyn's secret admirer. What a tangled web the WWE weaves.

But let's stay focused here on Ryback and Cena. Cena is more affected by this than Ryback if both are injured, where it looks like Cena took the brunt of the injury. But booking, planning, hoping and staging have now all been compromised.

I am sure Vince was on the phone immediately to Punk, asking him to return sooner than later and possibly to Batista, asking Dave to come back and save the day. A lot can happen in a month, and in this case, it needs to get better than worse.

In the WWE's case, the later is more likely. Everyone is in a "wait and see" mode until Monday night, when the real message will be sent. If the WWE does, in fact, lose Cena to an extended injury, this changes the whole dynamic of the company and possibly makes Vince and the boys plan a new road to recovery that will focus on new superstars and force the company to see the error of putting too many gimmicks in one basket.

Extreme Rules was average at best Sunday night. John Cena being injured may have made it worse than WrestleMania based on the impact his injury would have.

That is if it was not planned and actually happened. We shall wait and see.