Ex-Wildcat Jerrett Says Arizona Was a 'Pit Stop for Me'

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Ex-Wildcat Jerrett Says Arizona Was a 'Pit Stop for Me'
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Used to be a theory that players had more time to develop in college than in the pros but Grant Jerrett is taking an opposite approach. Read into this quote as you wish, but the last paragraph of a Republic story from the combine quotes him saying he believes he will be better off developmentally in the pros than at UA: “I just felt like if I wanted to make my dream and goal, it would be to leave now,” Jerrett said. “I feel like I would develop more here, playing with the best and against the best. College, it was just kind of like a pit stop for me. You've got to go through it. I promised my parents I would get my degree. Ultimately, this is where I want to be. I felt like if I leave now, I'd get a lot better than I would in college.”

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