Metta World Peace Is a Weatherman

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There are two major approaches to being a weatherman. There's the straightforward, "meteorologist" approach, and then there are the guys who try to have fun with the job. Metta World Peace is somehow in a third category of his own.

Metta joined Fox 11 in Los Angeles to do the weather in a way that only he can.

He started out in a yoga pose, obviously, and throughout his minute-long forecast he gave us visuals of Earl Clark in a thong, pretended to fart on Los Angeles and described Robert Sacre's migration from Canada to Louisiana.

He spent most of the forecast with his back to the camera, staring directly at the green screen, which is generally a big no-no when you're on television. 

To put it bluntly, it was odd.

If you're wondering why MWP seemed so incredibly polished working the green screen, it's because he's done the weather before.

World Peace showed up on CTV British Columbia about a year ago to do the weather for Vancouver.

In the video, it is apparent Metta has no clue what the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit is, assuming that any low number means it's cold.

He finds a nice place to buy a dirt bike, warns against bears and observes several times that we are, in fact, on Earth.

Even though World Peace is perhaps the worst weatherman ever, his entertainment value is undeniable.

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