5 Great Pro Wrestling Documentaries You Might Not Know Exist

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2013

5 Great Pro Wrestling Documentaries You Might Not Know Exist

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    Pro wrestling has been the subject of numerous documentary features over the years. Some take a positive look at the business, while others show the negative side of the business.

    Beyond the Mat is arguably the most well-know wrestling documentary, but there are many more out there that cover a wide range of wrestlers and their careers.

    Some of these documentaries are made by a production company for video release, while others are made as TV specials or parts of a series.

    Some focus on the lesser-known wrestlers and the gritty side of the business, and others highlight the careers of some of the biggest names in the sport.

    This slideshow will feature five outstanding documentaries on the subject of pro wrestling that you may not know exist, even if you consider yourself a hardcore fan.


Louis Theroux's Weird Weekend

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    While this is technically a 48-minute episode of a BBC2 series which explored the world of pro wrestling, it is still an entertaining and informative documentary on wrestling.

    The opening scene involving the host not knowing who Raven was while filming a show about wrestling is quite possibly the best part.

    During this show you will be treated to a funny interview with Roddy Piper, Alex Wright on his first night as Alexander Wright, the precursor to the Berlyn character and a quick interaction with a silent Randy Savage. And that's just the first five minutes.

    Theroux was filming at the episode of WCW Nitro when Roddy Piper famously had Ric Flair committed to a mental hospital in the middle of the show while he was unconscious.

    Theroux also visits the WCW Power Plant and an extreme wrestling promoter named Dean Puckett.

    It is an interesting look at both the gritty indy promotions and the training process some wrestlers go through.



Bret Hart: Survival of the Hitman

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    The documentary Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows is well known due to the fact that it covers the Montreal Screw-Job from behind the scenes.

    There is, however, another Bret Hart documentary that aired on The Fight Network called Bret Hart: Survival of the Hitman that covers the time before and after that infamous night in Montreal.

    There are interviews with former WWE and WCW employees as well as Hart himself.

    Coverage of Owen Hart's death and the night Bret Hart was forced to retire from the ring make up the bulk of the second half.

    This is a well-made documentary looking at one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live.

Andre the Giant: Larger Than Life

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    Andre The Giant is one of wrestling's most beloved legends, and this feature on Bio highlighted the life of the gentle giant.

    WWE had released documentaries about Andre, but this documentary features a lot of interesting information from Andre's life before the WWE ring.

    Andre's brother, people from Andre's early career in Europe and people from his career in the US, like Freddie Blassie and Vince McMahon, all contributed through interviews.

    Andre's life both in and out of the ring are legendary, and this feature both proves and dispels some of those rumors.

    This is another documentary that features little in-ring action and a lot of personal information and footage.

Scott Hall "The Wrestler" ESPN E:60 Documentary

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    Scott Hall is getting his life back on track thank to a slew of donations from wrestling fans and DDP helping him to clean up.

    This documentary aired as a special on ESPN during one of the lowest times in Hall's life, and it shows you just how far someone can fall from the top of the mountain.

    Scott Hall is someone who never found success as a world champion in WWE or WCW, but he will forever be known as one of the most popular wrestlers of his day.

    The Razor Ramon character stood out during the days of colorful gimmicks in the then-WWF, but it was the formation of the NWO that cemented Hall's legacy.

    A short run in TNA during the early part of 2010 really showed the toll Hall's body had taken from year's of abuse, and this documentary features Hall speaking very candidly about how all of this happened.

    Member's of Hall's family, including his son Cody, are also featured in interviews.

    The length might not be as long as the other documentaries on this list, but the content is certainly as impactful.

The Fit Finlays

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    This Irish-made documentary looks at the life and career of Dave Finlay Jr., and it is something every wrestling fan should take the time to watch.

    Finlay is a wrestler who could make anyone look like a star, and his longevity in this business is evident by his ability in the ring.

    The barrel-chested bruiser from Belfast is chronicled from birth through his entire life in this highly-enjoyable documentary.

    A man who is normally known for speaking softly and carrying a big shillelagh is very candid here, speaking fondly of his love for his family and wrestling.

    Interviews with Dave, his parents and sister, other wrestlers and family friends are peppered with personal photos, home movies and clips from Dave Finlay's incredible wrestling career.

    Three of my personal favorite segments include Dave recounting his first gimmick as a Roman soldier, a moving segment where Finlay talks about the hardships of being a father and a wrestler on the road and his recovery from a wrestling-related injury that nearly forced him to have his leg amputated..

    What is really incredible is that the documentary covers very little of his time in WWE, and instead focuses on how Finlay got to be the man he is today.

    To see a man with Finlay's on-screen persona being brought to tears towards the end of the documentary while thanking his father for the life he has is a very touching scene that will make you see Finlay in a new light.

    This is not a documentary about a Finlay the wrestler, it is a documentary about Dave Finlay Jr. the man. If you only watch one video on this list from beginning to end, make it this one.


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