FIFA 14: Presentation Tweaks That Would Add Realism

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIMay 17, 2013

One of the most exciting things about following a club on and off the pitch is the story lines surrounding players and coaches.

EA Sports' FIFA series has been solid for years, but it would be great to see FIFA 14 implement a few things from a presentation standpoint to better tell the stories of the game. This would be especially great in the career mode.

Some players have received a label for being a little dirty.

Guys like Luis Suarez have proven themselves to be quite the despicable character. He's bitten opponents and even been involved in some other off-the-field issues.

If a player like Suarez is going to be included in the game, it would seem logical to have crowds and opponents react to their presence. Perhaps, the crowd and commentator reaction should be more over the top when Suarez is involved in a play.

Maybe he raises the intensity of other players on the pitch.

Before the matches even begin, the news portion of the presentation piece should set the table for upcoming matches. The text should make reference to a potential feud dynamic.

All of these elements are what fans talk and argue about during the buildup for matches. It would be awesome to have that element in a sports video game. 

The commentators would need to support these themes, as well. The audio in FIFA has already been a highlight for the series. Adding dialogue about feuds and controversial players would take it to the next level.

Once gamers have played through a few seasons, these types of concepts can grow stale. The dialogue becomes out-dated and no longer applies to the rosters after the transfer season rearranges things.

In an ideal world, the storyline and feud aspect would evolve with your career mode experience. 

As players move from club to club, relevant commentary and text during the menu interface would help bring your virtual football world to life.

For example, if Wayne Rooney is moved to a different club during your career mode, commentators should make reference to his history with Manchester United. Those types of things work well in Sony's MLB the Show series and would be excellent in FIFA.

These are just small adjustments, but with the core game so solid already, these presentation enhancements would only make a great game better.


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