Most Useless Scorers in the 2013 NBA Playoffs

Jared Wade@@Jared_WadeContributor IMay 17, 2013

Most Useless Scorers in the 2013 NBA Playoffs

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    Scoring isn't everything. A great defender can have as much of an impact on winning as a scorer can. The goal is to finish with more points than the opponent, so it works both ways—neither trumps the other no matter what SportsCenter tries to tell you.

    But for some players in this year's postseason, their struggles on offense have been so tragic that it's hard to say that they have been able to make up for them in other areas. If the opponent doesn't have to guard you at all, it just makes life that much more difficult for your teammates.

    These guys have made their teammates' lives difficult.


    (The list ranks the worst scorers per 36 minutes in this year's playoffs. Minimum requirement: 15 minutes played per game in which the player saw action.)

12. Tyson Chandler, New York Knicks

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    7.3 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 327
    Total points: 66

    Injured Tyson Chandler may not be a very good defender. And he may not be able to score hardly any points. But he is right up there with the league leaders in "Incredulous Looks at the Refs Per 36 Minutes." So there's that.

11. Grant Hill, Los Angeles Clippers (tied)

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    7.2 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 20
    Total points: 4

    With his team facing elimination, Los Angeles Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro decided to see what the Duke legend had left. It wasn't much. I'm sure Jamal Crawford, who had a great seat on the bench for the entire second half to watch his team get bounced from the playoffs, would concur.

11. Jodie Meeks, Los Angeles Lakers (tied)

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    7.2 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 20
    Total points: 4

    The Los Angeles Lakers weren't going to beat the San Antonio Spurs no matter what. But with all the injuries, they lost hope of even winning a game. You almost have to feel bad for them. Almost.

11. Kosta Koufos, Denver Nuggets (tied)

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    7.2 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 100
    Total points: 20

    I try to get upset with Kosta Koufos, but I can never stay mad at the guy. Look at that face. And his name is just too fun to say. Really, it's just as good if you don't know how to pronounce it properly. It just adds variations to the alliterative joy. 

8. Brandon Bass, Boston Celtics

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    7.1 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 204
    Total points: 40

    I'll take "Worst Rarely Talked About Terrible Offseason Signings" for $2,000, Alex. What a letdown. And with a roster blowup (hopefully) now on deck, the Boston Celtics have no use for a one-dimensional role player making more than the mid-level exception. At least they can count on his defense...

7. Jeremy Lin, Houston Rockets

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    6.9 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 84
    Total points: 16

    Jeremy Lin severely bruised his chest in Game 2 against the Oklahoma City Thunder and was significantly limited after in the few minutes he did play. So it's a little unfair to put him on the list. But he was on the court and not producing. I'm sure he wouldn't want to use an injury as an excuse.

6. Earl Clark, Los Angeles Lakers

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    6.1 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 82
    Total points: 14  

    Is anyone surprised to see a second Los Angeles Laker on this list? There is a reason that they were swept while losing all four games by double digits.

5. Chris Duhon, Los Angeles Lakers

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    5.8 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 68
    Total points: 11 points

    Hey look: another Los Angeles Laker. Don't worry, Angelinos. Dwight Howard will be back next season and Kobe Bryant might even be fully healthy by the All-Star break.

4. Reggie Evans, Brooklyn Nets (tied)

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    5.5 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 209
    Total points: 32

    Reggie Evans isn't a player but he boards a lot. That's really all he does. He does it phenomenally, but on offense, his best move is grabbing an offensive rebound and passing it to someone with a prayer of putting the ball in the hoop.

4. DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers (tied)

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    5.5 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 144
    Total points: 22

    DeAndre Jordan will never be much of a scorer, but I am going to blame his utter uselessness in the Los Angeles Clippers' offense on Vinny Del Negro. Because everything is Del Negro's fault.

2. Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    4.1 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 210
    Total points: 24

    What if someday we found out that what Kendrick Perkins is so mad about is that Scott Brooks plays him so many minutes? Like, maybe he has Nick Collison on his fantasy team and really needs help in the rebounds and charges taken categories?

1. Jason Kidd, New York Knicks

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    1.6 Points Per 36 Minutes
    Total minutes: 241
    Total points: 11

    Jason Kidd hasn't scored a single point since April 23. The New York Knicks have played eight playoff games since then, and Kidd has continued to see minutes until Thursday's do-or-die Game 5, when coach Mike Woodson only put Kidd on the court for five minutes. The Knicks won 85-75. What a coincidence.