Lenny Dykstra: A Man Worth Hating

Al's WingmanAnalyst IApril 29, 2009

At this point, baseball fans and the sports world already know about the rise and fall of Lenny Dykstra.  The guy has lived the way he played the game, at 1000 MPH.  No looking before leaping.  Just put the blinders on and go.  Barriers don’t exist for the man who came to be known as Nails.


You can web search Lenny and reach any number of articles detailing his wayward path.  No need to rehash it all here. 


The summary is Lenny’s not out of the game yet but he’s well on his way to crashing and burning.


This is a guy who still thinks he’s a “player” and compelled his mother to slap down 23 grand on her credit card so he could buy fuel for his private jet to get home from Cleveland.  My question to that is, he couldn’t take a commercial flight?  He had to have 23 grand—on his mother’s credit card?


With everything else Lenny has done wrong to earn his plunging death spiral, he has to snooker his own elderly mother and put her in tremendous debt.  Lenny can’t pay that back but that’s the least of his concerns.  His response to this egregious act is he feels he’s done enough for family in general to warrant this financial kickback.


Let’s put it this way, anyone that does that to their own mother is a complete jerk.  It doesn’t matter the circumstances.  That’s just wrong.


More importantly, it is a telling sign Lenny is truly beyond help at this point. 


This is an act only an addict or demented person would do without conscience.  That’s the shame of it all is Lenny just doesn’t see his own issues as real.  He thinks he’s going to score millions on some new scheme to separate professional athletes from their cash.


Not gonna happen Nails.  It’s all over for you and it can’t come soon enough.  We gave you the benefit of the doubt too many times and people have made excuses for you because you were a great player. 

You were needed and valued as a pro athlete, no doubt about it.  But let's be real, even your own wife has had enough and cut the cord.  If all this doesn’t open your eyes then nothing will.


Sayonara douchebag.


Here’s one reference to a lengthy article that (if you can make it through it all) spells everything out very clearly: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4084962