UFC LHW (Pride Style) Tournament: 2009—Why Not?

M. FugazziCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

Held over four days, grand prize $1,000,000. Each fight three 5 minute rounds. Title fight five rounds. First two days FREE on Spike. Third day PPV. Fourth Day a PPV UFC event with prelims.   Round one bracket (16 fighters)

Rampage vs Franklin

Griffin vs Hammil

Machida vs Alexander

Bisping vs Cane

Evans vs Vera

A.Silva vs T.Silva

Shogun vs Henderson

GSP vs Jardine

Imagine Round One on a Thursday, Round Two matchups would be insane on a Friday night. Saturday, then the final fight for the LHW belt—Evans VS GSP? A.Silva VS Rampage?  Man anything could happen with a format like this. A huge MMA event.